Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thank you is not enough

When you are at this stage of the adoption process (about to bring your kids home), your mind is racing in so many different directions, you truly can't think straight.  Hey, I'm being honest & shooting from the hip here so watch out.  Yet, there is one thing for sure, we would NOT be where we are today w/ out the support from so many of you.  The financial, emotional, spiritual, & friends' support have been incredible during this entire journey.  Words could not even begin to describe it.  Few know our entire story.  That is yet to be told.  Our journey has taken many twists and turns during the process.  However, I think it really has taught us many, many things.  Perseverance, trust, faith, strength, endurance, and love come to mind.  So many people in our path to thank.  And I know, I have not thanked them all. 

So many blessings along this journey.  Prayers & support coming during the difficult times meant a lot.  Meant people really cared about us and our children.  My friend giving us their child's old bed since I inadvertently got rid of ours (don't even know how!).  A farmer giving my kids little pumpkins to decorate.  2 garbage bags full of delicious bread.  A donation today at church that is now enough to cover for the extra suitcases so that we may take the orphanage donations.  Drivers to the airport and back.  Extra clothes for our kids this year.  Donations here and there adding up.  Phone calls to see how we're doing and what we need.  One of Bojan's friends mom, wrote us two cards this past week.  Congratulations and asking if they could help.  So many things we have been given that we are overwhelmingly thankful for.  A gift card to Walmart over the summer.  A local church taking the time to paint the entire girls room  & prep it for the new girls.  That same church donating all the girls' new bedding.  Someone giving me a coupon on the way out the door of Great Clips to use while we went in. Friends taking my kids out.  Friends calling up my kids to say Happy Birthday to them.  Nik got calls this year from my daughter's teenage friends. The joy so many have brought us just by saying they care.  Just by asking what they can do to help to bring these three kids home.  Amazing things.  Thank you is not enough.  People showing love to our family in so many ways.  It's incredible to be a part of.  It really is.  These kids mean the world to us.  Just as our other seven do.  We knew that from day 1.  The first day we saw the video of the sibs, we knew.  They were ours.  No doubt in our minds.  Same with Little Bit.  We just knew.  I can not wait to share them with all of you.  Who they really are and wanting you to see what your support has been for all this time.  Why they needed us and why we wanted them.  With out  all this support from people, we could have never made this family possible.  That is just a fact.  That is why thank you is just not enough.  How do you say thank you for your family?  So many people played a part in this adoption.  It truly took a village to get them home.  I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done, donated, & contributed to the adoption of the three newest members of the Boyd Bunch.  It means more to us than we could ever express into words.  We promise to pay it forward if it is even possible. For you have given us our family.  I don't know how to even pay that forward b/c it was such an incredible gift.  One we will treasure the rest of our lives.  So, even if you think you did something little, I guarantee you, it was not.  Everything meant something.  Every little step was part of a bigger picture.  I know we are not done yet with this journey.  Close, but not yet.  Knowing we have such wonderful people behind us though, makes it that much easier.  You have allowed us such a peace of mind during the entire adoption process.  Knowing we are cared & supported for means the world to us.  It really does.  Thank you once more.  This support does not go unnoticed. 

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