Saturday, October 29, 2011

Temperature Regulation Issue??

For those who've been here awhile, you've heard me talk about Alex & how we think he has temperature regulating issues.  Why do we think that?

Well, this is part of why we think there may be a problem.  Alex has pajamas on under that fleece jacket & always wears this hat to stay the house!  Notice Nik has no shirt on, Yana is sleeveless and Alyona is in thin pj's.  She's always cold but that's just her.  Alex seems to be more serious.  

Now, Alex also can not take the heat at all.  A few weeks back I showed you how red he was after he had cooled down.  He can't handle the heat at all above 70 outside.  Umm, we live in NC people.  That's NOT good.  At first I thought maybe it was related to his horseshoe kidney.  Not sure.  Just know in my gut something is not right here.  Yet, can't get an appointment to save my life.  URGHH!!!  Alex goes to Raleigh Neurology & sees a developmental pediatrician.  Love her.  Been going there for years (since Irina & Max).  They gave me a referral for Carolina Endocrine.  Getting an appointment w/ these people is like getting the code for nuclear missiles.  Seriously.  I finally get someone and am then told they didn't get the medical records from neuro.  Neuro told me that wasn't true.  It is frustrating to say the least.  Alex needs to be seen, neuro gave me the referral & faxed the records but no one seems to want to give me an appointment.  Don't feel like going to Duke just due to distance.  Yet, after months now, we may have no choice.  I'm calling again Monday & if I again get no cooperation or appointment, we're moving onto someone else.  Think an electric blanket is in Alex's future.  Poor kid.  I know there is something up just trying to get him seen to figure it out.  Any suggestions on motivating people to give me an appointment w/out going crazy on them, let me know.  Just want to figure out what's going on w/ Alex.  So, in case you were wondering, we are no further ahead then we were a few months ago.  Waiting, and waiting on an appointment.

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