Monday, October 24, 2011

Taxidermy & trumpets

Cool title, huh?  Well, Alex has decided to play taxidermist.  How?

Came in & saw he tacked these animals up on the wall.  Have no unearthly idea why.  Ever wonder why we have so many holes in our walls...wonder no more.

Yes, Bojan has stuck with the trumpet.  He's practicing here.  This is after I told him to lift the trumpet up.  It is a good fit.  He's missing his right ring finger and then has many digits that are shortened on top of that.  Plays just fine without all those fingers.  At first we weren't sure if it would work.  He found a way though.

Nik is seeing where the sound comes from.  Irina is watching her brother practice.  You know, while giving rude comments of how it sounds.  He is just learning you realize.  He has that dying cat sound currently.  I recognized one song & almost recognized the other.  

Warren trying to teach Bojan a few notes.  A bit rusty but you could definitely tell he's played before.  I know I could never remember my flute or piccolo notes.  Been way too long.  Look at Bojan's face watching his dad play.  

Glad Bojan is keeping up with the trumpet.  Hope he continues.  Currently, we have no other musicians in this family.  No one else is interested except Bojan. To each his own we say.  That's why I guess I'm happy he's still playing & more than that, he's enjoying it. 

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