Wednesday, October 12, 2011

T minus 2 days!

For those who don't know, we have court in EE on Friday, October 14th.  We are praying everything goes well.  No new documents needed.   In this country, you are assigned a judge and you give POA to your agency's representatives in that country.  This will be our first time ever of not having to appear before the judge.  It is quite different than Russia.  Russia, with Irina & Max, our first court was during a major heatwave.  Everyone was too hot so we were approved in 15 minutes.  That was after being asked what a 'half' bath is.  They had no idea of that concept.  Max was stuck w/ the driver in the car.  Poor driver.  Max was like a wild monkey in the car.

Next set of adoptions we had to go to two court proceedings.  Totaled 5 hours.  It was brutal to say the least.  I was reprimanded the first day in court by the judge for showing too much emotion.  I was reprimanded in court the second day for not showing enough emotion.  It was just hard all the way around.  They couldn't understand why we'd ever want so many kids.(I'm told in Russia, they believe anything more then two is a lot of children)  This was with Yana & Alex...#'s 3 & 4.  Next adoption was Bojan where you don't have court.  We did appear before the ministry in Serbia though and it was rather pleasant.  More a casual feel and they really wanted to know who we were.  Shared pictures of our life and things.  Next set of adoptions was from Russia.  Court was one day and the judge was FANTASTIC!  They loved to joke around.  They said, your table seats 12 and this will only make 9.  So, when are you coming back here?  The court room all laughed.  Was an upbeat proceeding and they got to know who we were.  Was not a terribly long session either.  Maybe an hour.  Not sure.  We all were having too much of a good time to realize how much time had passed.  Now, the next three are from a different country.  We are not present for court.  I'm nervous as it is hard not being there showing them just how much we love the children.

So, we wait.  Trying to remain calm.  Trying not to stress out.  Trying to wait till we can announce the kids' names to the world and show just how beautiful they are.  The wait is always hard no matter where you are in the process.  Our church is trying to cover us in prayer during court time.  VERY thankful for that.  We can use all the prayers for sure.

Meantime, trying to prepare b/c after court, the children will hopefully be coming home a few weeks later!  That is the most exciting part.  And to have them home for the holidays is just a dream come true.  Can you imagine the look on their faces?!  Right now, I think the entire family is going through that "nesting" process.  LOL.  Last night, Alyona didn't want to go to bed.  I said if you don't go to bed, then you're cleaning.  Sure enough, she took a bowl w/ soap & water and a rag. She hand washed all the rails up the stairs.  I was dusting the walls and wiping down chair rail.  This past weekend, Yana dusted off all the ceiling fans.  We clean every weekend but this is the "spring cleaning" type stuff they're doing.  One even made the comment "we have to have it clean in here.  They are really used to clean in the orphanage."  My kids all remember their orphanage and chores there.  They know what they're talking about.  Thought it was sweet they want their sibs to feel at home.  Hey, I'm also not knocking the cleaning help I'm getting around here. 

Just had to share how excited we are about finally become a forever family.  Pray for a smooth process on Friday and that nothing else will be required of us.  I know all our stuff is up to date which I'm sure helps.  I'm sure like everyone else I"ll be waiting by the phone Friday or checking emails every two seconds till I get word that all is fine and the children are officially ours.  In our hearts and minds, they've been ours from the beginning.  Then when we visited them in June, much confirmation that these were definitely OUR kids and will fit in perfectly with this family.  No matter how many times you adopt folks, this part is always nerve wrecking.  In addition, the excitement is just as intense now with our last three as it was with our first two children.  Simply amazing.  I will let you all know Friday what the outcome is.  Oh, and once court is over, I hear that we will typically know within about a week what our travel dates to be are.  Got to go.  Kids have science and cooking clubs tonight.  You know what, I can totally see the new three participating right alongside our kids here.  So excited.  I even get to start signing all my kids up for things in January.  What a joy.  Can't wait for you all to meet these three precious kids that have just wowed us with their personalities.  Keep you all posted.

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