Monday, October 17, 2011

Something I always wanted

Okay, I'm going to show you something I've always wanted.  Yes, it is silly when you think about it.  Not even sure why in the world I always wanted one but this year was the year I would get one.  Honestly, not sure why I never did before.  Not like they're that expensive.   What silly thing have I wanted: 

A white pumpkin.  Yes, a white pumpkin.  I really have no idea why.  Maybe it was because I thought it could make my home look slightly more 'Martha Stewartish' and a little less Red Sanfordish.  Not sure.  I'm going to write boo or trick or treat on this one w/ black marker.  I've seen people do all kinds of things w/ these pumpkins.  I however, am not creative enough.  Never have been, never will be.  We still have 5 orange pumpkins leftover from the pumpkin patch that we have yet to carve.  Going to do that this week at some point.  If you carve them too soon, they rot.  We've really been slack on all our Halloween decorations this year.  So much has been happening that we just didn't get it all out to be quite honest.  And that's okay.  November is our catch up month anyhow.  Though, I'm personally hoping I'll be able to say I'm traveling that month.  Time will tell.  Also, you really don't have to decorate much for Thanksgiving.  No grass or yard work.  No more sports.  Kind of a nice break.  Plans are to go camping one weekend in November.  I'd also like to visit the Wright Brothers Memorial but we'll have to wait and see on that one.  Need to price it first.  Have a great week and I'll keep you posted as soon as I hear the news.  Praying for good news.  

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