Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A rainy day & what we did

In between doing things so thought I'd post.  Homeschoolers and I decided today was a good day to take off from work and make up on Saturday instead.  Love that flexibility.  Though, not sure I should write today off.  Took one of the "littles" to story time.  A local church does this every Wednesday.  Read a few stories w/ the kids, have cookies afterwards that the cafe bakes and then all the kids run wild & crazy for awhile.  Usually, there are kids of all ages there.  Some homeschooled obviously as they're older.  Usually about 20 to 30 there.  Today...just us.  Yep, just us.  Still all got cookies but we didn't hang around long.  Went home, made some homemade pizza which we all devoured.  It really was good.  Then we all read.  Let them play after that. 

This afternoon, decided to chat about apples and fall.  And, we decided to make carmel apples.  Yes, the sticky goodness was to be ours.

Alyona washing and then drying off her apple.

Umm, do you think Alex is excited to get started on making carmel apples?

Nik and Alyona carefully covering their apples w/ carmel.  

Alex, helping the "little" with stretching of her carmel.  Nice of him to volunteer.

Apples are ready to go in the oven.  Take a look at Nik's expression in the back.

 Look at all that gooey, chewy carmel my kids put on those apples.  Yum.

Apples fresh out of the oven!  Nice and shiny and ready to be eaten.  I think Nik was happy.  

Not sure what in the world that look is for.  She is enjoying that apple though.  Oh, she decided to work on some of the workbook as well while she ate.

 Enjoying every single bite of that Alex, aren't you?

Nik's not smiling b/c I think his teeth are stuck  together from all that carmel.  LOL.  Really, an impromptu little event was a bunch of fun.  

Now, boys are cleaning their room...while yelling at each other of what belongs to whom.  Got to love the cooperation, right?  This evening, the kids have science club and cooking clubs.  Thought about going to Petsmart after & getting Irina her fish but we will have run out of time I think.  We'll see.  while kids are in classes, Warren and I will sit down w/ pen & paper & go through the to do list, dividing it up.  In addition, make arrangements while we're gone w/ the church.  See, they'll be taking our van while we're gone for a youth group trip.  Anyhow, have to get some things planned out.  And, since I'm down a day runner (stupid puppies!), I have to guess at some of the appointments I had for November & call to reschedule.  Tomorrow, lots of school work to do as we took today off.  No biggie as we're actually ahead in terms of attendance.  Then soccer tomorrow evening.  I know next week everything will be kicked into high gear.  Really high gear.  But, we'll get there piece by piece.  That's why the randomness of today was so nice.  

Most likely there will not be many posts tomorrow.  We're concentrating on school all day.  Then soccer.  Friday, more time to do some things for sure.  Temps in the 60's so excited about cooler weather coming.  I do believe firmly our plans to go camping in November are obviously out w/ the new kids coming home.  Not sure how they'd react to time in the woods in a tent.  LOL.  More English needed for that experience & more adjustment time obviously.  I also think plans to visit the Wright Brothers Memorial will have to wait.  I'll do a separate post on how we handle adjustments when first home.  That will explain why we are not going anywhere in November.  Kids here know we'll do what we planned, just at a later date.  Frankly, they are really in need of a break and I can tell.  So, this is actually perfect timing.  Got to go.  Boys are cleaning their room.  May have to intervene on this shovel & stow method they have going on.  Prepare to hear screams in the next county as I slowly pull all their "shoveling" out from under the beds.  I know, I'm cruel to make them clean up their own messes.  Hey, the one time I pulled everything out from under there, I'm surprised I didn't have to call a health inspector.  I was not happy.  Rule is NO FOOD ever upstairs.  EVER.  What did I find?  You guessed  Old food.  I know I'm not the only parent but gee whiz, how hard is it to actually throw it in the trash your own room?!  Okay, time to make them not so happy when I pull everything out from the bed.  I'm waiting for the right moment.  You know, when they come to tell me they're done. 

I told my boys they have just a few short weeks to get their act together w/ the room before their brother gets home.  Now, their new brother I am told from staff is a bit of a "neat freak."  See where this is going?  However, ALL MY BOYS used to be neat freaks too when they first got home from the orphanage.  they used to line their shoes & clothes up, put stuff away, etc.  Now, they just will lay something on the floor versus putting it away.  Helloooo...if it's in your hand, why not just put it away instead of drop it?  I don't get it.  It's like they hit puberty and wham, the slobs came out.  Has this happened to others too?  Do your boy teen & preteen rooms look like a glorified pig pen minus the mud?  Now, they'll clean this room up.  No lie, roughly 30 minutes to an hour later, it will look exactly the same as before.  They have been grounded, had stuff taken away & not given back, had stuff thrown out, etc.  Nothing seems to have worked thus far.  I have no issues whatsoever w/ any of the girls or their rooms.  Could it be just a boy thing? 

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