Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick updates

On the home front-- still waiting to hear back from contractors we had out here weeks ago.  Again, we don't even know this is a probability or not till the estimates come in.  Time will tell.  If we are unable to do the "big" remodel, we have other options we are looking into.  Turning the garage into a bedroom would be the main thing.  Garage is a finished garage.  Just need to float a floor.  Windows are new so no worries there.  By doing this, we could allow Bojan & Max to have their own big room and the younger boys share the big room upstairs.  Keep in mind, the bonus room IS indeed big enough to house the 5 boys.  Just we know when boys get older, they want their own space and not sharing w/ little brothers so much.

Adoption front-- Court is October 14th!  Next week.  Can hardly believe it myself.  This has been a long time coming w/ LOTS that happened in between.  All stories will be told but will be told in their own time, once the kids are home.  These are our last 3 adoptions.   I do believe it is time to enjoy our family & I truly feel these three complete our family.  Can I say with 110% certainty we'd never do this again?  No.  Because honestly, I thought we were done at 7.  LOL.  For now though, we are all very happy with our family to be and all the kids are SO ready for their new brother & sisters to come home.  Even Irina's Christmas wish is to have the kids home.  I thought that was very sweet of her.  They are all so very ready to have the 3 come home.  Not long now!  We are in the home stretch and SO VERY excited. I will not exhale I don't think until I receive word next Friday.  Praying it is all positive news and praying the judge says YES.  I miss my kids a lot.

After school activities-- Yana's cross country is coming to an end.  After today, only 2 more meets.  Very proud of how far she's come and the commitment she made.  Soccer. We have the rest of October.  The kids have truly enjoyed this program w/ Upwards.  They have really gotten some great skills from it.  The people we've met have been just super nice.  Very fortunate to have gotten to know them all.  Nice when strangers come together.  Warren and I have enjoyed seeing the kids play and score some goals.  They have already asked to play in the spring so that is what we will be doing for sure.  And, adding 3 to that list of players.  We have also been hopping w/ church clubs.  Kids attend a science club and cooking club on Wednesdays.  They love it.  Warren and I were going to do Bible study at the same time but right now our time is really short w/ all we have going on.  Next session though we probably will.

Cars-- Need some work in this department.  Never is good timing, is it?  The van needs 4 new tires.  For those that don't know, these big vans are built on a truck chassie.  They require rather big, expensive tires.  Last time we had to get new tires years ago for our other van, it ran us around $600.  Shopping around but will most likely be about the same if not more.  It is what it is.  Warren's car needs some work too. 

Health-- everyone seems to be doing fine.  Minor things like Nik's implant is malfunctioning.  Got to get that.  It's happened for 2 days now & thinking it's a bad switch.  Amazing as parents we can somewhat troubleshoot these devices.  Bojan is still waiting on his new cuff for his leg.  His leg keeps falling off.  Irina is awaiting her blood work.  Her blood pressure was normal at the doc's yesterday.  Figures. We're taking it every night & writing it down.  It is high.  Being that we don't know her family history, I am concerned.  Doc doesn't seem too concerned but I think that is b/c her bp was normal at the office.  It was not normal at neurology.  They did do a panel yesterday so that may give some insight too.  Just want to make sure Irina is as healthy as she can be.  We have a great doctor though & she knows her stuff.  So, if she is not concerned, I should relax a bit more. 

Much more to come.  Much more happening around here.  Just been hectic lately.  Today we had a dentist appointment.  Got appointment.  I did it again.  I wrote the wrong day down.  So, we go back home, write Yana a note for school & drop her off at school.  Come home, dogs have chewed up the tv remote.  Can't operate the dvd player w/out it.  No repairing it.

This is what was left of our remote.  The blue tape on the bottom is from before. 

Yet another roll of toilet paper victim to the dog.  URGHH!!!  Kota and Digby don't chew up stuff any more.  This is ALL Alaska and she knows it.  We have to find a crate but honestly, it has been low on the priority list.  Looking at airline tickets is enough to tell you a crate will have to wait.

After finding this, we let the dogs outside, and then had lunch here.  Soon after, speech therapist came.  She left after working w/ Nik.  We then did a session on money w/ everyone here.  I have some fake money.  Gave each of them a bag.  More on this later.  For now, just now I'm having a hard time explaining to Nik that this is play money & NOT real money he can go to the store with.  URGHH!!!!  Knew I shouldn't have let him "spend" the Jesus money from church.  More on that later too.  It's called JAM bucks (Jesus & Me).  Anyhow, it's been a long day to say the least on explaining money.  

Then, we I made baked meatballs tonight.  Yum.  Also, made dozen and a half hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  Ate dinner & went to take the kids to the church for the science & cooking clubs.  They love those.  And they learn things too.  Winning combo for sure.  While there, Warren and I went to try to find gifts for the people in Bulgaria for when we go back. It is SO hard b/c you want something special but it can't weigh a lot and can't be certain things b/c of airline regulations.  Found a few things but nothing that really jumps out at us.  Have a few weeks so open to suggestions.  Picked kids up.  Hey, at least they're nice for other people.  Fight as soon as we get in the car.  Asked them what they did in class and things like that.  One question was asked of them is what makes  you unique.  Alex said "my eyes change colors."  Since when?!  Where does he get this stuff from?  Seriously, he's not a chameleon and no, his eyes do NOT change colors.  They've been blue.  Anyhow, we've been busy to say the least.  I have a voc. rehab meeting tomorrow regarding Irina getting a job.  Hoping for a positive experience.  Keep you posted.  

Much more to say but this is already too long.  More to come.  Have a wonderful week.  Stay tuned for some picture updates.  I'm way behind on all these posts.  Hey, like I've said before, blog is last on the list. 

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