Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch field trip

The other day,Warren took the day off and we took the kids to the pumpkin patch for a field trip.  We had one extra "little" with us that day.  They were all about to jump out of their skin to go & were rather disappointed when all 4 figured out we had errands to run first.  We went to the chiropractor, bank, and a consignment store for clothes for "little bit."  Home to let the dogs out, grab lunch for the car & go.  

 I know you can't see it that well but way in the back Alex has the biggest smile ever.  Why?  Because he has the entire back seat to himself.   A rarity.  Lunch was in the car.  PBJ, pretzels, fruit snacks and a drink.  Oh, we stopped by Wendy's for some small fries for a snack for everyone.  They loved that surprise.

We pass through some small towns to get to the pumpkin patch that we decided to go to.  I took a picture of this building b/c I thought it was cute.  Look at the name of it.  Below it...a hair styling salon.  I thought it was quite clever.

Ahh, those stupid marketing fools!  LOL.  You can't purchase your tickets at the gate.  Oh, no.  You must go to the old country store filled with candy and toys galore.  The five of us four of them were practically drooling over the fudge case.  We purchased nothing except the tickets.  And no fits whatsoever.  All the kids were fantastic.  

 What would a field trip be w/out a stupid picture.  They amused me.  Then after this, they went to see the animals.  I was disappointed though as we're used to touching the animals and holding them.  This was just looking at them.  My kids go to my friend's farm and actually hold the chickens, rabbits, pet the goats, emus, peacocks & too many others to name.  Guess it's just what we're used to. 

 This was by far their favorite thing to do.  Over and over and over again.  I went down...once.  It is a very, very bumpy slide.  Not a bad ride just really bumpy. 

Nik on his way down.  And this one he could wear his implants static.  

 Took this shot to show you Alyona.  She is vertical!  Look at how high she goes.

Some of the kids pumping water.  They really enjoyed this one.  I can guarantee you these kids would do awesome on a farm.  

Just look at Alex go!  You can see Warren studying some things in the background.  Had a lot of little teaching moments for the kids.  Used to be different at this farm years ago.  They still have some of the displays though from the "olden" days as my kids like to call them.  You won't believe some of the questions my kids asked me.  Yes, close to that ice age question I was asked a few weeks ago.  "mom, did you get to see the mammoths when you were young?"

Much to do tonight.  I'll write part II later.  Just thought you'd enjoy a glimpse of what we did on that sunny Friday. 

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