Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch field trip (part II)

There was so much to do at the farm that we have many pictures.  We spent a couple of sun filled hours there walking around.

Nik, getting ready to jump off the hay bale.  This building was huge.  Great place for kids to romp around all they want.  Jump and not get hurt.  Good stuff.

 Alyona, also getting ready to jump off the bales. 

No, there is nothing shy about Nik.  You can see the 3yo "little" in the background.  Umm, yes, there was no lack of energy this day.  

Alyona is trying to smile here...I think.  LOL.  She wore her pumpkin sequin shirt just for this occasion.  So did about 50 other little girls there.  

This was Warren and Alex checking out the tipi.  I thought Warren was joking when he said just get the tipi's at tipi.com.  There is seriously a little tag inside the tipi.  Haven't checked out the site yet but I'm curious for sure. 

 this was a little hay maze for them to figure out.  Alex wanted to race through it.  All wanted to cheat by climbing on top of the bales.  But, they made it.

Usually I don't post pics w/ Warren & I in it as it's all about the kids.  No, they're not all ours.  There is one you won't really recognize & he's the "little" that was extra that day.  He wanted in the picture too...what kid doesn't want a picture taken, so I said everyone.  Just didn't want you thinking we picked up an extra kid at the pumpkin patch.  LOL.  This was before the hayride was about to start.  We were the only ones in the place.  Within five minutes, hay bales were full of people.  Lady at the corn pit almost didn't let Alex go in as he had that NC State t-shirt on.  Umm, lots of college ball rivalries in this part of the state.  You have NC State, Wake Forest, UNC, Duke, etc. and all not too far from each other.  All in good fun though.
Nik & the "little" waiting w/ great anticipation.  Look at all those pumpkins to pick from!  Not sure who the kid on the right is.  Remember, that trailer was wall to wall people by the time we left for the patch.  Just thought this was cute of them oohing and ahh,ing w/ all those pumpkins in the background.

Alex picked a really nice pumpkin.  We're leaving them on the porch & will carve them out next week.  

Alyona playing with hay and Nik very proud of his pumpkin.  He & the "little" took forever picking out just the right one.  They did a fine job.  

This was not as easy as it looked.  Alex & Nik carrying the pumpkins back to the van.  Felt like you were carrying a huge bag of potatoes on your head.  

Alyona carrying her pumpkin.  I carried one and Warren carried two.  No wonder we saw strollers full of pumpkins when we got there.  

I will spare you the photos of Warren and I on the giant slide.  It was such a beautiful day that day.  Perfect day for it.  Kids were really well behaved.  No whining, no fighting, nothing.  Just a pleasant trip all around.  Hoping all field trips go this well.  We learned a little as well.  This is one of the much nicer pumpkin patches around.  That's why we went.  The staff was wonderful with the kids as well.  Oh, forgot one of the stops.

The corn pit.  Big box of corn.  They all loved this thing.  Don't they just look like they're having a blast?  They buried themselves in it, played in it, etc.  And, proud to say mine (including the extra) were just about the only ones NOT throwing it at people or in the air.  Was proud about that.  And proud that I didn't have to drag my kids out.  I truly am shocked sometimes at what behavior I see with kids out in public.  Even more surprised when the parents don't do anything about it.  

Kids are already asking where we're going next.  Thinking about the state educational forest.  It is very close by and free at that.  We'll see.  Was awesome that Warren got to go with us.  We talked about the seasons and all about fall and the earth rotating on its axis.  Today is a rainy day.  Kids have read this morning and Alex is still reading.  Worked on sight words with Nik and phonics.  All are getting ready to do math and have a snack.  All the kids colored masks this morning.  Was cute.  Had their own little parade of their own doing.  covering explorers this afternoon.  Other than that, vegging out I think.  Alex has a soccer game tonight.  Thanks for letting me share about our little field trip.  Can't wait to share more adventures this coming year.  Have a great week.

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