Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh no he didn't...

No, no way my son wore a shirt like that to church.  Not on your life would I allow him to do that.  Unfortunately, Chaos Manor is hopping when it is church time on Sunday morning.  Shoot, I'm happy if they are dressed and not whining.  The other day AFTER church, I finally noticed Max's shirt at lunch.  I wanted to crawl under  a rock.  Why do you ask?  Here's what he had on:

Can you believe it?!  I was mortified!  If you can't read it, it is a monkey, farting.  It says "I'm bringing stinky back."  Lovely, huh?  His unmatched brother is standing next to him making faces.  I guess the people at church were being nice not to say anything.  I'm sure the thoughts were there though.  Angry at my teenage son who dog gone well knows better than that.  URGHH!!!  I'm trying to decide if I should make him wear a suit this weekend just for the fun of it.  We'll see.

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