Friday, October 14, 2011

Nik's drawings

Time for another installment of Nik's drawings.  I have two to share this time.

This summer, Irina and Nik spent a few days at my in-laws house.  (Warren's parents).  He made this card for us and mailed it to us.  Very sweet.  See, there is indeed a soft side to this little guy.  

Of course, how could I do an installment of drawings w/out Nik's "normal" drawings.  There is a giant spider coming down from the web.  On the right is the rock wall.  On top are 3 pumpkins one on top of the other.  They have a rope to the people at the bottom there.  The spider is about to eat those people & kill them Nik said.  BTW, this was for speech therapy.  He was supposed to draw the word 'help.'  Yeh, those people need help.  LOL.  

Okay, 8 posts in one night is enough.  Much more to come but need a break for sure.  Going to yard sales in the morning w/ the three girls.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I know we should have a pretty good one. 

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