Friday, October 7, 2011

Nik's birthday-- family party (part II)

SO much going on but want to do this post.  I also owe a Yana b-day post.  Trust me, I have several posts in the works but things have gotten crazy at Chaos Manor.  I have an opportunity that has come along and trying to decide whether to do it or not.  More about it later.  You would not guess in a million years.  Anyhow, this post is about Nik & we'll keep it that way.  We left at part I, him helping w/ dinner, getting his cake out & opening presents.  And here's the rest of it. 

Nik, playing around with his umbrella.  Nope, he's not superstitious.  

 Nik very proud that he is turning 9 years old.  He requested marbled cake with chocolate icing.  Got just what he wanted. 

 Nik, blowing out the candles while the others wait to dig into some cake.

Our resident handyman is already at work fixing one of the race track cars that broke.  He's trying to bypass one of the switches so you don't have to shake them.  Smart kid.  Okay, young man.  For at 16yo, you can't ever call them kids.

Nik, really enjoying his race track.  He LOVES it!  Nik also has a neighbor of mine tomorrow taking him out to celebrate his birthday.  She's treating him to ice cream.  He literally has counted down the days to it.  Love that we have such wonderful neighbors here who help out and treat our kids wonderfully.  Means a lot to us and the kids.  Nik had a wonderful birthday.  He is also going to the movies with a friend one day.  We just have to find a day that their schedules work out together.  My "baby" boy is 9 years old now.  He is our last little boy.  Wish he could stay young forever but also wonderful to see how they grow and what their interests become. 

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