Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nik's birthday-- family party (part I)

For each kid, we celebrate their birthday as a family on their birthday.  Usually, with a meal at home and a cake of their choosing.  Afterward, they open up what we gave them for a gift. 

Nik, helping make the tacos for dinner that night.  He loves to help in the kitchen.  

Nik, getting his cake out of the fridge.  Sure way to know you have a big family?  Well, besides the two fridges we have in the kitchen, maybe it is the 7 dozen eggs we have in the fridge.  

Nik, very proud to turn 9 years old.  Oh, and to be eating chocolate cake!


Nik's bag waiting for him.  No, he didn't realize it was a Christmas bag.  Hey, we go with the flow here.  Out of bags, get a gift bag that you do have on hand. 

 Do you think he's excited to tear into this bag?  Yep, sure is!

This is not just any umbrella folks, this is a Diego umbrella!  He LOVES Diego.  

 Dad, dumping out the rest of the bag to make sure there's no more inside.

Nik, very pleased to show off his loot.  He got a race track where you shake up the cars to make them go.  He also got an umbrella and a magnifying glass.  First day I couldn't find him, he was outside in the front yard burning a leaf w/ a magnifying glass he received for his birthday.  Typical boy through and through.  Seeing if the sun can indeed make fire with the magnifying glass.  Yes, yes it can son.  Nik loved what he got from us and you'll be able to see more on the next post.  We also gave him money to spend at Walmart.  He bought a bow and arrow (told you my kids live for the outdoor stuff) and a beyblade that lights up.  Nik seem to have fun with his family that evening and enjoyed his birthday very much.  The teens' friends even called to wish him a Happy Birthday which I thought was really sweet of them to do.  My neighbor is taking Nik out this Saturday for a birthday ice cream.  More to come on his birthday.  Just need to get other stuff done today & this is post # 3 for today.  Just had to share.  He is just so happy. 

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  1. I'm still waiting to read about Yana's birthday celebration. Did you forget? I know you're crazy busy, but I'm sure it will mean a lot to her down the road. Hugs ~ Jo