Monday, October 31, 2011

Nik-- trick or treat

Well, it's pouring down rain right now.  Seriously.  We're not going trick or treating for the first time ever.  We're all bummed about it.  So, told the kids we'd go out.  We typically will try to go out to eat once a month  but been trying to save whatever little we can for this adoption.  Since tonight is so bad out, we haven't been out to a restaurant for awhile (since Yana's b-day), we have decided to take the kids & then go take them to pick out one bag of candy. 

Not sure how that will work out since we got nothing but crap candy earlier.  What on earth do I mean by that?

Okay, so this one is one of the lucky bags we ended up scoring last minute.  It's the "good stuff."  Notice the packaging though?  It's Christmas!  I just wonder if the neighbors will think I got this last Christmas instead of today?  

And this would be the "garbage" candy I was referring to earlier.  Liquid blood complete w/ glow in the dark teeth.  I've heard the liquid blood is disgusting according to my kids.  They love the teeth though. 

We found a bag of Halloween toy treats I found.  This is our bowl of candy thus far.  Nik seems pleased.  One day, there will be a shot w/ a clutter free counter.  Really, who else has red sequin shoes on the counter?  Two pair yet.  Yes, for the new girlies of course.  

This is Nik being asked just a few questions about Halloween.  I was running out of camera batteries so could only get a few questions in.  I'll have to do one w/ a bunch of questions so you can see how he talks.  Just wanted you to hear him say trick or treat.  I thought it was cute.  We're waiting for Daddy to get home and then off we go. 

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  1. WELL DONE NIK!!!... Thanxs for the vid!... It´s SO cute!!!... Huge Hug!... Good Luck!!!... I´ll be praying for you!!!...