Sunday, October 9, 2011

New season, new blog look

Okay, bear with me the next few days as I play around with the blog and colors and such.  I'm in a fall mood and LOVE the weather.  Want the blog to reflect that.  So, it may come & go w/ different colors.  I don't mind input.  Last time I attempted to change it over the summer, I got yelled at as no one could read it.  LOL.  I told you all I'm not all that technically high tech here.  Just needed a few changes.  Getting restless.  Could be something to do with the seasons changing or the fact that I'm turning 40 in a few short months or the fact that court is in 5 days!  Or just no reason at all and to say I just want to change the colors.  Whatever comes to mind, that's what it is.

Today is Sunday.  We just got back from church.  Nice service.  Now, Warren is cooking brats on the grill.  Yum.  We will then attempt to decorate for Halloween a bit.  Older kids have youth group this evening.  Trying to get a few things done today for sure.  More blog posts coming.  Not sure I like the colors yet of this so bear with me.  So much happening at Chaos Manor.  Some I can sure right now and some I can't.  Very excited though for sure.  But most of all, excited about court being Friday.  Much more to come.  For now, got to get ready for a late lunch we're having here on such a sunny, pleasant day. 

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