Friday, October 21, 2011

NEPTUNE-- Nik wants one!!!

Oh my goodness.  I wished I had captured his look on video tape & sent it to Advanced Bionics.  It is unreal.  He is still jumping up and down right now as we speak.  He's asking to go to the doctor (his audiologist) immediately.  No kidding!  What am I talking about?  Well, Advanced Bionics has a new product.  And, we want it desperately.   I should rephrase that.  Nik wants it desperately.  Hoping the costs will work out that we can do this when it becomes available.  What in the world am I talking about?  The new Neptune processor!!!  This CI is amazing.  I don't wear one but I want one even.  LOL.  It can water!  Yes, in water.  In the shower, in the pool.  Don't have to wear it behind your ear.  Would work w/ his current model so no surgery needed.  I have no idea how much these are going to cost.  They have them in Canada but are not available in the US yet.  My son is just dying for one of these.  He was asking if he could go in the pool.  Then he started jumping up & down & saying he could hear in the pool w/ his brothers and sisters.  I said yes.  Nik asked if he could take it in the shower.  I said yes.  More excitement.  He saw how you could change the covers out.  Takes  a triple A battery I believe.  You HAVE to see this thing.  Nik wears Advance Bionic implants.  We love them.   Awesome company and has taken care of him well for things that ahem, should NOT have happened to an implant.  The customer service is beyond great.  They answer any of my stupid questions too. His implant has been very sturdy.  Has to be.  Anyhow, thought I'd share what we saw when looking on the AB site.  I just want  this product here NOW!  How do we get that done?  Just hoping it isn't a fortune.  Hoping they have some kind of trading up program.  Don't know.  Just know this would change Nik's life.  They live in the water in NC from May to October.  Also, in the rain when we play soccer in the spring and fall.  So many great opportunities for him to hear.  Can't wait to ask the audiologist in December when we go.  Here is the site:  Neptune!  Check it out.  I'd love to hear what other folks are saying about it.  Anyone heard anything on the Neptune?  Nik is still amazed at this. 


  1. I grew up with bodyworn, and even had a bodyworn CI from cochlear (they also had an option of not wearing anything on the ear but you still have to clip on a microphone) the wiring was very annoying as you had to be careful not to yank it.Other than being waterproof, he probably still prefer his behind-the-ear.

  2. I am very excited for Advanced Bionics and with what they're coming out with. ClearVoice speech processing strategy, Neptune. I can't wait to get my CI! I'm sure Nik will love the Neptune, being able to hear while swimming will be awesome.