Monday, October 24, 2011

Need I say more???

The other day I needed a few items.  This was not on the list:

Yes, I was a sucker for cuteness that day.  This shirt almost made me cry.  So many thoughts when I pass clothes for "little bit" and the sibs.  Something just wakes up inside saying "yes, they really are coming home!"  There is an end in sight.  This shirt is just a piece of that.  Plus, we truly need some shirts for her.  Alyona is in a 7/8 so we had no 3T's.  Found a few at consignment shop and yard sales but still needed just a few more.  So, walked past this and said "she sure is!"  She is definitely a gift.  I know we're there in November but close enough to wear a Christmas shirt. Hey, I could careless about fashion rules or which ones I'm breaking.  I just can't wait to see my gift all wrapped up in clothes that belong to her and no one else.  To see her in something hand picked by me.  Okay, so this is a little lot tackier than the other stuff I bought, it still has that same meaning.  She is my daughter and I can buy her clothes.  Something only for her from me & daddy.  I remember in past adoptions the joy my girls got going through their suitcases in the hotel room.  For the first time ever, they realize they had clothes of their own.  Not sure if "little bit" will have this reaction or not.  She is the youngest girl we've ever adopted.  Will be interesting if she acts like her sisters trying on clothes.  Just another thing I can't wait to tell you about.  Count down has begun!

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