Monday, October 3, 2011

My birthday boy

Well, it is October 3rd.  It is my baby boy's birthday today!  I have so much to say about it all, I'm not sure where to begin.  Nik has been our "baby" for a few years now.  His spoiled personality is a result of that babying.   We have always seen him as the youngest b/c he was.  We've seen him as a baby all these years b/c to us, he was the baby of the family.  Soon, (in 11 days), that title will be taken away from him.  However, it could not have come at a better time.  For, I can not treat this big boy as a baby any longer.  Though in my eyes, he'll always, always be my baby boy.

There is no baby in this face whatsoever.  It is crazy to think how fast the years have gone by.  He came home wearing only a size 18 month.  Remember?

Now, you see what my "baby" boy used to look like.  When we got him, he barely fit into a size 18 month clothes at 4 years old.  Got to love those pink tights he's sporting.  What style.  

Nik was willing to try anything.  So tiny.  My hand practically covered his entire chest.  Such a tiny little thing to me.  He was a baby in every single way.

Now though, now, today we have our 9 year old big boy on our hands.  He has matured in so many ways.  Nik loves to hear things now.  Always neat to watch his expressions when he hears something new for the first time.  He can keep up with all his big brothers.  Loves to draw.  Absolutely loves the outdoors.  He's our bug collector.  Nik is sneaky.  Has a gigantic sweet tooth.  Has no sense of fashion.  Typical boy there.  Is our daredevil.  Is my cuddle bug.  Nik is a very happy little boy.  We love him to pieces and can't believe he's turning 9 today.  We will celebrate today by just having us give him a birthday cake after dinner and singing to him.  Told him he could have his friend spend the night one night & we'd take them to the movies together. He was very excited about that idea.  My little guy is growing up little by little.  Nik never ceases to amaze us.  Happy 9th Birthday Nik.  We love you!