Monday, October 24, 2011

Max's makings

Max is up to chopping up wood again and things.  He loves to make things. 

Max was working away w/ scrap wood the other day.  Gee, if we found an old pile of wood there is no telling what he'd create.  This time, he used his iron man pull up bar so much that it broke.  So, he measured & decided to create his own replacement for it. 

This is a side view of it.  You know what?  It actually worked!  We just won't let him use it b/c it will scratch up the door.  And the fact that he could get splinters.  Know he wants a new one but told him we must first get his sibs home.  In addition, Christmas is around the corner.  But, I did think it was very creative of him to come up w/ this.  If you saw the original & then saw this, you'd know that this is really a great copy.  Here's a link: iron gym
I just thought it was really clever of Max to create it.  We still have his bench in the front yard too.  See saw in the back yard.  Max's makings are all over this house.  Do think he has great potential as an architect or someone who does drafting.  Max has always had a mechanical mind.  Comes in handy around here for sure.  Such talent.  Now, if you could only get him to clean up his room. 

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