Monday, October 31, 2011

Manic Monday

After a somewhat lazy weekend, we have a very busy upcoming week.  Today is Monday.  Kids have off school but homeschoolers are still working.  They understand this b/c mom has been "off" since we've had to deal w/ many date changes, some days last week were more off than on.  So, did stuff this weekend and today is a make-up day as well.  Hey, at least they understand it.  Warren does have work today.  Hoping to get the court decree today as well.  It was supposed to be translated over the weekend.  See, Warren must have this in order to take the adoption leave he is allowed.  Now, court was Oct. 14th.  We are praying he's allowed to still take all the leave.  See, there is some question as to how long out you can take leave after court.  Somewhere, Warren was reading 6 weeks out & then it's kind of a null type deal.  Now, that would cause us some problems as you can imagine.  There was really no sense in him taking leave immediately after court b/c we were not traveling then.  We're traveling next week.  We'll know today if this will all work out. He's allowed 4 weeks leave which would allow us travel and allow for the 20 + appointments that are arranged for when we arrive home for the kids. 

Another issue that has come up is our van.  Recently, we had 4 new tires put on it.  Since then, it is just not driving right and very bumpy.  No, not the different treads on it.  Must take it back while under warranty.  You know, b/c we have absolutely nothing else to do.

Bids are coming back in for the house.  I know I haven't explained this all that much.  Bottom line is we've run out of space.  Well, there is plenty for the new kids but as our kids age & some can't leave home, we must make a transition type of place for them to stay.  In addition, the leaking roof must be replaced along w/ the 20yo heat pump that can scare anyone on Halloween w/ the sounds that come out of that thing.  For the last few years the repairman has said this is the year it dies.  Poor thing's been hanging on to dear life for about 5 years now.  It's time.  Electrical will have to be updated as well.  Now, this is the dream addition.  First & foremost, it has to come in at a certain price.  So far, the first bid has.  See, we have been contemplating moving for over 2.5 years now.  Our interest rates are some of the higher in America b/c we have not refinanced yet.  If we can refinance w/ the construction loan mixed w/ it, our payments will stay about the same and may actually come out to $100 less every month.  It is doable.  It would give us the extra space we need & more importantly the independence our kids would need as they're in their 20's.  We've already spoken to the bank.  This would cost us nothing out of pocket and provide many of the updates and space this house needs.  This can only happen if #'s come in the way they should and everything falls into place at the bank.  So, by far not a done deal but at least preliminary results are looking good.  Since coming off an adoption, we had to make sure of all financing of this was feasible.  Trust me, kids are praying this works out.  LOL.

I've spent the morning redoing almost all our appointments.  One doc is not in on Mondays so I'll hear back tomorrow from them.  Trying to tie up all loose ends which are numerous.  We'll get there.  Hey, we have airline tickets, we have cell phone, we have passports, we have a sitter, & suitcases.  So, we WILL travel ready or not come next week.  We have the necessities.  Shoot, even appointments are arranged.  No, the house is not how I want it to be but in the grand scheme of things, it's okay.  We did a big clean today. 

Kids are ready for Halloween.  I'm not.  Didn't even buy candy yet.  Doing that soon.  No "littles" today as school is out here.  Able to get things in order.  Even the bill basket.  So, things are slowly coming together.  We need to find two more suitcases.  I'm going to do a packing run tomorrow.  IF I can not get the donations all in, I'm not sure what I'll do.  Obviously, they were donated.  I would give them to a local shelter if we could not pack them all with us and hope that would be okay with everyone.  There are many local charities here that really can use some items.  But, we are going to try our hardest to get it all in the 4 suitcases. 

Much more to come.  Only thing we are really stressing is the last of the funds to go.  I'll have a separate post on that soon.  Don't need a whole lot more but will need some for sure.  Again, a different post.  For now, enjoying my time to be able to get things done today.  Glad the house is clean.  I know it won't stay that way but having all floors swept & mopped & even window sills dusted just makes you feel like something got done.  LOL.  Right now, they're watching Captain America waiting for candy distribution this evening.  Speaking of which, I need to go get.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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