Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, it definitely is a manic Monday.  Nerves are sinking in a bit but not too badly.  Knowing I can only do one thing at a time helps.  Today, we only had a "little" for a half a day so now we're moving on some other things.  Getting ready to do history in a minute.  No fun projects or crafts or any of that stuff today to the sheer disappointment of my kids.  LOL.  I told them it can't be super fun everyday. 

I've made many of the medical appointments.  So far the new kids have appointments w/ the dentist in January.  The week we get back is going to be killer w/ appointments though.  Oy!  Ophthalmologist for our 9yo girl is that Monday.  Tuesday, 4 of my kids go to the dentist (not the new ones..theirs are in January). 2 of the new kids have eye appointments w/ eye doc.  2 of the  new kids WILL have neurology.  Umm yes, still working on that w/ them.  Not getting marks for customer service, that's for sure.  3 of the new kids go to the pediatric doc. 

Trying to get the list chopped away bit by bit.   All the kids here are really ready for us to leave & bring them home.  I'm still kind of shocked at that.  Really, I am.  I expected more jealous or some type of sibling rivalry type stuff.  We have gotten none of that.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about it.  Just,is it normal?  LOL.  Do realize, these immense feelings of joy & love for their future siblings will quickly dissipate after that first sibling argument.  I've seen it time and time again.  Yes, they love each other here but let's get real...they are TRUE brothers & sisters and will argue from time to time. 

We are 8 days out till departure.  That still is hard to wrap my head around.  In less than 10 days, my kids across the ocean will be in my arms.  They will sleep for the first time with their family.  Not in a room at the orphanage.  Someone will kiss them & hug them good night.  No, it won't be in our home just yet, but it will be by mom & dad saying good night like a child deserves.  Can barely wait.  For now, need to get busy on that list again.  We said we'd wash the van today(cleaned it out yesterday).  Umm, we lied.  Not getting washed today.  Just too beat.  Tomorrow it is actually supposed to be a bit warmer so will wash it then.  See, if we didn't have someone else using our car, I guarantee you that thing probably wouldn't see a rag & brush till spring.  LOL.  I know, horrible.  But really, washing the van is always an after thought.  Now, cleaning it out every time we get gas, yes.  Washing it, no.

Fortunately, we have a light week this week.  Well, other then getting everything ready to go.  And that my friends is indeed a lot to do.  We do still have soccer practices but thankfully, cross country is over.  Gives us more time in the afternoon.  So glad Yana had a good season and really enjoyed herself.  She's going to try out for track in the spring.  There's more home meets for that so can't wait to go see her run.  Posts will most likely be short this week.  Just too much happening at home for me to write a long time.  Priority is getting the children home.  A few more posts to come. Pictures too for a change.  I know, tired of hearing me talk for sure. 

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