Monday, October 17, 2011

Manic Monday

Boy, did this weekend fly by.  Still it's Monday already.  No, we haven't heard anything yet though still hopeful for today.  This past weekend was busy but a good busy. I do believe next weekend we need a break from something.  All the kids are asking for a break.   Even though it is them that we are having to do all this stuff & going every which way.  Frankly, I'll be honest.  I"m glad October will be over b/c November cross country and soccer both end.  That gives us a good chunk of our days back.  Not that we haven't enjoyed them doing these sports but having a break is also desired.

We will be taking a break from all activities for Nov., Dec. , & January.  Though, those months are filled w/ activities anyhow.  This allows as time to adjust as a new family and siblings.  I'm really looking forward to this time together.  Warren gets four weeks adoption leave I believe.  This helps immensely as it allows us to get all initial medical appointments out of the way.  It also allows for bonding time.  Not to mention, it allows us to deal w/ the chaos that is surely to come with three new additions.  This is true of any new family forming.  There are many adjustments to make.  All par for the course.  And, since we have done this a few times before, we have learned what works and what does not. Ready to get started.

Still hoping to get word today on how court went.  Would be awesome to hear something.  I spent the weekend doing some blog posts as you saw.  I think that was to get my mind off court and the weeks to follow.  There will be an immense amount to do.  We are entering a holiday season.  I'm still not sure I'm going to host a mystery dinner for the teens like I said I might do.  We might do just a teen dinner night and then a scary movie for them.  Keep it simple.  We need to do KISS at this point w/ everything.  All of you know what KISS stands for right?  "keep it simple stupid."  We'll be kissing everything this month to be sure.  LOL. 

Last week we had dental appointments for Alyona and Yana.  Yana was fitted for a spacer as her other teeth were starting to shift.  This week we do not have any appointments scheduled.  Just the usual speech therapy 3X a week.  In addition, we have an FAS support group meeting. We also have soccer and cross country.  And of course the science & cooking clubs on Wednesday.  The biggie though is we can not really do any of this stuff until we get tires for our van.  The metal is now showing through.  Can't hold out any longer.  Those w/ 15 passenger vans know exactly the holding out part. Around $600 we are guessing (based on last time) to fix it.  OUCH!  Not the best timing to say the least.  So, I'm staying put till we can get the tires for it. 

We just got back from taking the dogs for a walk.  I have one "little" with me today and that is the one who thinks the middle of the road is a magnet.  We live in quiet neighborhood and they all look out for kids coming down hills & bikes & things.  That helps for sure.  Still though, I try to teach them all to stay on the side on the grass.  Her and Nik just wanted to stay in the middle of the road.  URGHH!!!  Maybe tomorrow they'll get it.  I let them take turns walking Digby.  Really w/ him it is just holding the leash.  Awesome dog to walk.  He can be walked w/ out a leash as well.  he'll stay by your side.  In the mean time, I'm fighting w/ Alaska on a leash.  I swear she'd make an awesome sled dog.  If we ever get the extra cash, this dog is going to obedience school first and foremost.  Don't know why we can't get her trained.  Never ever had this problem before.  Shoot, even Kota is coming along.  Alaska..nope.  Put it this way, the dog is very fortunate she's cute & cuddly as can be. 

Not much going on this week but in the same token, tons going on as we hope to hear about court & a travel date.  Then, the real work begins.  Keep you all posted on things.  Also, the post before this about Alyona I really am asking for ideas to help her.  So please read and see if you have suggestions.  I really want to see how far she can go w/out frustrating her more.  Hope that made sense.  More to come today.  For now, got to go help Alex make the jello & get Alyona and Nik back to their workbooks.  They seem to have strayed since I came up here.  Normal.  Workbooks they do on their own & then I check on their work and we correct together if need be.  Social studies and science I teach to them as a group.  And, some work I do individually.  All depends on what it is.  Got to go.  Enjoy your week everyone and more to come on here.  Kind of a boring Monday post. 

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