Monday, October 10, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, it's Monday.  None of the "littles" are here today so a little quiet.  After our field trip, I can stand a little quiet.  We are staying put today and getting things done.  Homeschool is a bit more organized this week and we may actually have a second field trip coming up this Friday as well.  It would only be a quick one to a local educational forest but hey, two field trips in one month is not too bad.  It's free to go so that is also a plus.  I want to take them to the planetarium but it is rather costly.  We'll see.

Today, the kids may be helping to unload pumpkins at church but not sure yet.  He said to call as they may be done by the time the kids can help.  Tuesday, Alex has a soccer game.  Wednesday, we have science & cooking clubs.  Thursday, more soccer practices.  Cross country is all week this week.  Speech therapy is 3X this week.  Alyona & Yana go to the dentist Friday.  Yes, this time I have it right!  Oh, and a little big deal called court is happening Friday as well!  I also have a meeting w/ Bojan's team on Wednesday.  No, not signing a thing.  He's doing excellent w/ A's & B's.  They are being ridiculous and worried about a score on a test that he hasn't even taken yet!  EOG's.  I've already told them if the teachers are doing their jobs, and kids are doing well in class & have no mental health issues, the test will be fine.  They didn't like that answer as it holds them accountable.  BTW, they're thinking of changing this whole EOG thing anyhow.  Hoping for a non-turbulent meeting.  Keep in mind, Bojan does NOT have an IEP any more.  He is the only one.  He is in all regular classes, on target w/ his peers.  This is an unnecessary step to be sure.  But, I'll be open minded.  But I will NOT have him doing extra work or tutoring or anything of that nature as he does not need it.  If my kids need it, that's one thing.  If they don't, let's be reasonable then.  Again, have to wait for the meeting.  They came up w/ a new term now so it's not called an IEP.  LOL.  It's not a 504 plan either for those who are thinking that.  Got to love it.

Still awaiting contracting bids.  Waiting to see if it's even a possibility at this point. Other than all that going on, should be a peaceful week I hope.  Don't want any surprises at this point.  Oh, we are on a search.  We are realizing we are short a dresser for the girls.  Umm, or maybe they have too many clothes?  Probably the latter one but we'll get a dresser for them.  I'll have to take some pics of the room.  Well, actually, I have pictures from April.  Give you an idea.  URGHH!!  These did not load in the order I wanted to show you.  Okay, from the bottom of this set up. 

Picture of where Alyona sleeps currently.  When the new girls arrive, we'll have the youngest on this bottom bunk.  Alyona will move to the top.  

Just shows you a closer look at the cupcake hooks.  And, all that pink paint we used.

Keep in mind, this was while we were still working on the room.  But, you walk in w/the bunks being straight ahead on the right.  There is an area to the right after all that paint which has a desk & dresser in it. 

This is the area that you couldn't see in the picture above.  It was the one I was talking about right past the paint buckets.  Those two dressers are what she stores clothes in.  There is also a small dresser near the bunk beds.  This area has the desk attached to the wall.  You can see a closet in the picture as well which will house dresses for the 3 girls and shoes.

View from the bunk bed area looking back.  Toys are on the left side.  There is also a cabinet behind the closet that you can't really see.  It is filled w/ toys as well.  

Close up of 'R's' bed.  The kids love that little shopping cart.  And yes, the painter's tape is still up there today.  Picture was taken in April. 

So, hunting for another dresser.  Plenty out there for sure.  Yard sales are happening and you have Craigslist and whatnot.  As you can see, it is a girlie room.  My new girls and just as "girlie" as Alyona so I'm sure we'll have no issues here with the room.  LOL.  Not much else happening...thank goodness.  Next post should be Yana's sweet sixteen.  Had started it before her birthday.  And now, it's October.  Yes, I'm slow on some things.  It is now T minus 4 days.  I'm still in shock and SO excited.  Ready for court to happen.  Ready to get the word that the kids are officially mine.  Though, they've been mine from the get go.  Love these three new ones.  Funny, as the time in EE it had felt like they'd always been ours.  Once court is over, you will then receive a travel date for a few weeks after that.  Keeping fingers crossed here as remember, our kids are from two different regions and there are three of them.  Not sure if that is all factored into the length before travel but guessing it is.  More docs to gather.  Time will tell.  Praying it's soon though.  Need to get going.  Need to pick up Yana.  Hope everyone enjoys their week and has a productive one! 

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