Friday, October 7, 2011

Locals-- looking for a pet???

Well, tomorrow is Saturday.  Every Saturday at local area Petsmarts, they have an adoption fair.  It is hosted by Paw Prints Animal Rescue group.  I can not say good enough things about this group.  How do I know about them?  Well, we have them to thank for Kota, Alaska and Digby!  They have brought 3 great dogs into our lives.  At the time, we were NOT looking for another dog.  Bear had recently passed away though we knew it was coming for a long time.  Yet, we went to this adoption fair and the folks were caring and understanding of our recent pet loss.  They let us take all the time in the world that we needed.  They were not pushing any animal on us whatsoever.  It was a wonderful experience.  FANTASTIC foster parents of these animals.  they have puppies, dogs, and cats.  There is something for everyone, that's for sure.  We got two that were puppies at the time and one later that was an older dog.  I will say had we done this again, we'd go for another older dog.  We love Kota and Alaska but boy, after not having puppies in our home for 15 years, it was a change!  Even the kids have stated when they are older they will get an older dog.  LOL.  However, there are plenty of people up for the challenge of puppies.  And plenty available.  The older dogs touch my heart immensely.  So much love they have to offer.  Whatever you may be interested in, there are plenty of puppies & dogs available.  Lots of love to give.  They are in Garner, Apex and Knightdale.  I'm sure they're other places as well.  Please go check them out if you can. 

Paw Prints

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