Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The list is long

It's been so busy that I didn't even get to do a manic Monday post.  Just a super busy week in store this week.  We had a good weekend.  Yesterday was Monday. Don't even remember what we did.  Today, Irina had a checkup.  Took awhile.  Kids were great.  Doc said how'd you get them all to be so quiet and well behaved.  I was honest.  Told her I said if they were too loud, they were getting shots.  Hey, call it mean if you want but they were the BEST kids in the waiting room.(though I think they knew I was kidding)  Our appointment was for 12:30.  Place is literally around the corner from our house...about 4 miles.  We got home at 2:00pm.  Speech therapist was waiting in our driveway.  She knows us well.  "Littles" were here today as well.  Homeschoolers were working on workbooks today.  I worked w/ Nik for a l-o-n-g time on phonics.  And vocabulary.  Picked Yana up from cross country.  Alex had soccer practice.  Boys are still not settled down and it's almost 10pm.  URGHH!!! 

Working on plans for the week.  Nik's implant seems to be malfunctioning.  Bojan's part is still not in for his leg so it keeps falling off.  Yana and Alyona go to the dentist tomorrow.  Yana for a spacer & not sure what Alyona is going in for.  CAn't remember.  We also have science and cooking clubs tomorrow evening at church.  Kids love it.  They are shooting rockets tomorrow.

More going on this week for sure.  And, let's not forget that court is in 10 days!!!  I can not wait for our kids to legally be declared ours.  To find out when we actually get to go bring them home for good.  So many plans to make.  Spoke w/ doc today about a few things.  My dream is to have them home for Thanksgiving.  However, I know full well this is not my decision to make.  We go with the flow.  Still, doesn't stop me from dreaming.  And, w/ court being on the 14th, it is totally a feasible dream.  Most have been telling me travel is usually 2 to 4 weeks after court.  Hoping that pans out for us.  So ready for them to experience many firsts.  And for me, Thanksgiving is such a fun time of year.  Just would love for them to experience that with us.  Time will tell.

Much, much more going on but I need to get caught up with a few other things.  The weather has been just beautiful here.  We are looking forward to a great field trip Friday w/ the homeschoolers.  Warren took off work, I have no "littles" here and we are taking a trip to a very nice pumpkin patch w/ other activities there.  Supposed to be gorgeous weather.  Can't wait.  More pictures to come for sure.  No new docs needed for the adoption so we are full force ahead.  October 14th is THE day we've been waiting for.  Court.  The day that God willing, the kids become officially part of the Boyd Bunch.  Though, in our eyes, they already are.  Hate to cut this short but it really is piling up with stuff to do downstairs.  More to come.  Enjoy the week.

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