Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let me proudly introduce to you.....

 This was post was done a few weeks ago.  I waited to post till we left just to be sure it was okay.  Was given the go ahead so am able to share.  Read & look on!
the three newest members of the Boyd Bunch!  Yes, you heard it correctly, we passed court this past Friday, October 14th.  The children are now considered legal members of our family (from my understanding).  The court decree will be issued this coming Monday.  I am still shell shocked. I really am.  Happy, without a doubt.  I have way too much to do right now.  So, can't chat long on here.  Will write more later this evening.  Just had to share the great news w/ everyone who has supported us along this journey.  We are traveling WAY SOONER than I ever imagined.  Beyond thrilled about that.  More on all that later tonight.  For now, I do believe there are 3 wonderful children you should meet that I am proud & delighted to call my children.

On the left is Logan  and on the right is his bio sister Reni.  Logan is 11yo.  and Reni is 9yo.  

Tell me that Logan does not belong here??  He is just so dog gone handsome.  I think I'm in trouble when the teen years hit.  LOL.  This was taken at an outdoor cafe we went to.

 This is our Summer Grace.  She is 4yo and just a doll.  Little shy but I think coming here that will soon be a thing of the past.  She is holding a photo album we brought her. 

I know you can't tell here but she has the most beautiful hair.  She's wearing a dress we brought her to gauge the sizes.  She's in a 2T w/ that dress.  

I will have much, much more this evening.  Right now, need to do many things.  In addition, Warren needs the computer to do work on.  SO MUCH more to say.  Just had to introduce you to these three beautiful children who are now officially part of the Boyd Bunch. 


  1. Congratulations. they all are beautiful!

  2. Wow! Your newest children are seriously, seriously gorgeous. Congrats! I can't wait to hear more.

  3. So excited for you and anxious to hear more details!!

  4. Beautiful children!! Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait for more!!

  5. Oh my gosh how darling the 3 are. I know you are excited beyond belief! I got goosebumps from learning this. I know you are on overdrive now. Will watch for more information and again congrats to you and all the family.
    Pat Spencer

  6. Congratz! So happy for you guys.

  7. Congrats, again. Not only am I going to the reunion 2012 in OH, I am co-organizing it with Yvonne :).