Friday, October 14, 2011

Last of the birthday money

Thank goodness. Anyone else ever feel that way when your kid gets birthday money?  Well, finally got the chance for Nik to go shopping w/ his birthday money.

Nik looked all over.  He decided on this remote controlled truck.  He LOVES it!  Really does.  My boys all love it frankly.  My parents have gotten them remote controlled vehicles in the past and they all run them down till they can't use them any more.  They use them every chance they get.  Nik is this way with his gift.  Hates when it loses the charge.  He and the "little" played w/ it a lot this afternoon.  Must admit, it is really cool and goes all over the yard.  This is pretty much the last of Nik's birthday gifts.  He goes out for ice cream tomorrow with a neighbor.  I will finish Yana's b-day post as well.  Got to go.  Going to yard sales in the morning with the girls.  Then, off to drop the kids off at the fall festival they're working.  Next, go to Nik & Alyona's soccer game.  Come home, grab lunch & let dogs out.  After that, back to pick kids up.  Come home, haul off trash.  Then, no idea what we're doing for supper.  Hope the dinner fairy comes.  LOL.  Busy day tomorrow but supposed to be gorgeous weather.  Can't wait. 

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