Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just can not describe it

Do you know how it feels to have such a weight lifted off your shoulders?  To know you are now the parents of three more precious children.  Do you know just how wonderful it feels to have your entire family say the word WOW every few minutes b/c they can not describe it any other way.  We'll be standing around and someone will just pipe up and say WOW, I can't believe it really happened. I just can't believe it mom.  Finally.  They finally get to come home! 

Do you know that feeling?  The only thing that even comes close to describing it is jubilation.  And I know that doesn't even begin to describe the way we feel.  And it's not just one person.  ALL of us have this feeling.  Screams at the table when I told the kids.  Nik running to the calender to see when we were coming home.  The jumping up and down.  Just so much feeling of joy with everything.  Never noticed it before.  Never really thought it's not just Warren & I w/ these feelings during this adoption journey but our entire family feels the ups and downs.  My kids are part of this.  They want to be.  I haven't kept much secret about this process as these are to be (I know, I've said no more before) our last children to come home.  I wanted them to know the steps of what helped to get them home as well.  So in turn, they have felt it.  All of it.  The ups, the downs.  And so today, that awesome sense of relief and happiness we were feeling our kids were feeling as well. 

What an experience for all of us.  I can not put it into words and I realize that.  Sorry, just not so poetic.  Wish I were b/c this would be the perfect poem.  Warren can come up w/ some Dr. Seuss thing I'm sure.   Just had to share some of what we were feeling.  I mean, it's 10:11pm and not a one of us is sleepy or ready for bed.  They have been talking about how they're going to help when the new kids come home.  How they are going to talk to them.  They are talking about what we should do first as a family.  What we should have for Thanksgiving.  The whole 9 yards.  Alex said he can't wait for 'L' to come home & show him some moves.  Remember, 'L' is somewhat of a little soccer star over there.  LOL.  Alex is all about soccer & so is his new brother.  Did not know that until we visited him the first trip.  Alex & him I feel are going to be just as close as Bojan & Max.  I just see the future and LOVE it!  I love everything about it.  Our journey is finally coming to an end.  A very happy ending to a very tumultuous journey.  I can not say enough about how we feel tonight.  Excitement is in the air.  It is enough excitement to match that of Christmas Morning.  Seriously.  That's what it reminds me of in here.  Every other sentence is about the new sibs.  Going through pictures, figuring out sign names, etc.  Much to do but honestly, we are relaxed about it all...at this point.  I'm sure that will change.  Hope you don't mind me sharing as best I could our jubilation in this glorious celebration. 


  1. Congratulations my friend!!! So happy... now... we are ready for a picture parade!!!!!!

  2. Oh Stephanie, how could we possibly get bored with your stories?? I can only speak for myself, but I am almost as excited as all of you! You have shared about the process for SOOOOO LOOOOONG, that it feels like their our kids, too! I have 2 more nieces and another nephew! Hurrah!! I'm so happy of you! Love, Jo