Sunday, October 23, 2011

How are we holding up?

Ahh, the question being asked nowadays.  I think we're handling all the changes that have been thrown our way fairly well.  We are trying to stay well grounded and not lose our minds in this process.   My list is slowly getting chopped down.  Of course, things are being added to it every single day.  I'm up to 75 items now and say we've gotten about 30 of those done.  Not bad for just getting started.  We have the main things covered...plane tickets, sitter, & airport drivers.  Those are critical for sure.  Because without that, this whole journey would not happen.  Of course, there are many, many items on the list that are just as important.  Making doc appointments for immediate return is critical, especially for our son who is currently on medication over there.  I asked them to give me a two month supply if they could and they will which is  a relief.  You  all know when you get home you must take them to various doc appointments.  And, some of those I've made & some will not return my calls yet.  I figured 2 months of meds that must be taken everyday is enough to get me an appt. for him.  Appointment will determine if he'll still needs those meds or be weaned off them.  So, we have many things to think about for sure.  Some big, some not so big.

We haven't even yet thought of Christmas.  Though for now, focus is just getting the kids home, nothing more.  Making sure Irina is on track w/ the job situation.  Making sure Max's IEP is up to date and being followed.  Making sure kids' activities are where they should be.  We got Bojan and Nik all fixed up w/ equipment recently so they should be fine while we're gone.  Also, ordered all meds so that should also be a-okay.  We're chiseling away at things to do.

For now, I'm okay.  The nerves are kicking in though.  The reality of it all is starting to sink in.  The kids are ours.  Part of our family forever.  Kids are already sitting in new assigned seats in the van.  Starting the assigned seats at the dinner table tomorrow.  We are getting there.  When I say ten out loud it just seems like this giant number.  I know it's not.  It's really not.  Just 3 more than we have.  Yet, some times, I still get nervous.  We've been down this road before so know exactly what to expect.  Yet, we also know each child is different and will react differently to a new family.  Just the way it is.  I'm taking everything with a grain of salt right now.  Trying not to sweat the small stuff.  Hard when you don't want to forget a single thing. 

Trying to think of everything for the trip.  I want each kid to have their own brush.  No way they're using mine!  Now, that may seem mean BUT until you get kids home, you have no idea what they may have from the orphanage.  And yes folks, that can include lice & scabies.  How do I know?  Well, Nik came home with scabies.  So, it does indeed happen.  You don't take chances.  Tooth brushes are needed.  Still don't know the sibs shoe sizes.  Little things like that for the trip I need to seriously start thinking about.  You don't want to miss a thing.  Hard when your mind is going a thousand different directions.  We would like to pack a little food but know our space is extremely limited.  See,  we'll be staying in an apartment the whole time versus a hotel due to the # of kids we're adopting.  We actually prefer to stay in apartments during our adoption trips.  You're able to cook for yourself more which saves on costs big time.  And, kids have more space.  No idea yet what apartment we're staying in.  Wish I did b/c then we could maybe organize outings and such.  That is easier to do from here before you have kids hanging all over you.  LOL.  Again, just thinking of the little things so we don't forget anything.  Got to get some sleep in soon.  More to come. 


  1. Steph-
    if you can get them to put the kid's feet on a photocopier or a fax screen and send you a fax,
    you'll be able to determine their shoe size and width!


  2. Here's some fun information for measuring kids (not that they'll help you right now!). For shoe size: The inside of the arm, from the place where the wrist bends to where the elbow bends, is the size of your foot. Have one of the kids try it! Just put their foot into that area of their opposite arm.
    Also, to determine height: stand with both arms extended straight out from the sides. Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the other tip of middle finger. That is your height!
    Just some fun stuff for your homeschoolers! And, the others!