Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A girlie girl waiting in the wings

For those with older kids (teenage girls), you know the likelihood of getting them into a dress is rare.  Shoot, the only one of my girls that seemed to love dresses was Alyona.  Well, we will soon add two more girls to our mix.  And guess what?  They both seem like "girlie girls" when we met them.  So, Alyona and I went out to a store the other day to pick up a few things for "little bit."  To tell you I was like  kid in a candy store would be an understatement.  I just love shopping for little girls.  Especially, since all of mine now want to wear holes in their pants or cut ragged edges into shorts.  I get the "girlie girl" least until she'll decide to imitate her sisters.  That's what happened to Alyona.  Though, Alyona will still wear dresses on occasion. 

Alyona had no trouble helping me pick things out for her new sisters.  This is a little sweater jacket.  Has a cute little furry hood w/ it.  

Yeh, this dress will be big but I couldn't resist.  In addition, I know exactly how fast the kids tend to grow once home.  So, a bigger size is better most the time.

This one was a favorite of us all.  A cool ice cream cone on a sweater.  Just screams little girl, doesn't it??

We'll ignore the fact that Bojan is digging in the apple box.  The one that I had said..don't touch, I'm throwing those out.  LOL.  Not sure where Nik's smile went to on this.  He's modeling a new pair of pants.  He calls "little bit" his baby b/c she's younger than he is.  I thought it was so cute.  He's seen pictures of her and such from our trip & knows she is most definitely not a baby, but he keeps telling me he's older, and she's little.  He held these 3T's up trying to prove a point.  

The girls and I have had fun at yard sales as well picking a few things up here and there.  I always wait till much later in the process before I start picking out clothing.  And we had to do it this time as we didn't think we were bringing more children home after Alyona and Nik.  So, I had gotten rid of all their hand me downs.  That's okay though as we have some great little shops in the area.  Little Joey's is my favorite and I always find such cute things in their.  Lots of ages too.  I know I need to find out shoe sizes too.  Have an idea.  In addition to some great shops locally, we also have a huge outlet mall.  Though, I don't go when it's "toron"(tourist morons) season.  They have everything from Carter's to OshKosh to Old Navy to Adidas to everything.  You name it, they most likely have it.  And, some have awesome, awesome prices.  Just had to share that we are really enjoying shopping for a girlie girl again.  It has even sparked an interest back in Alyona to want to wear dresses a bit more.  Hey, I'll take all the little girl that's left in them before they hit the teenage skinny jean, holes in the pants, etc. stage.  Now boys, boys seem to just attract dirt.  I can put on brand spanking new clothes on them in the morning and by afternoon, they'll have holes and dirt from head to toe.  Boys...dirt magnets.  And, since my kids are outdoor kids, they all look like that.  And, that's okay.  Means they're enjoying life.  And that is all a parent could ask for.  Though it is nice to see your kids in a clean, beautiful dress every now and again.

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