Sunday, October 30, 2011

Final date change

Yes, you read that correctly.  A travel date change.  For those keeping count, this is our 5th set of travel dates we've received.  This time it only changed by a day.  Wahoo!!!  Flights are booked and the final count down has indeed begun.  We fly out on the 8th of Nov. and return the 18th of Nov.  Amazing feeling.  We are now tied w/ our first set of adoptions.  We had 5 date changes for Irina and Max.  Got so bad we kept suitcases literally packed & in the dining room.  Our final date change, we had 27 hours noticed before getting on a plane.  Can't do that now, we have kids.  This is definitively our final date change.  Plans are being made again.  The things you have to account for while you're gone is rather a lengthy list.  I guess so much of it is routine that we truly don't know how much we do till we're gone.  LOL. 

We have a bunch left to do for sure but are chopping away at our list.  A dear friend donated to our account recently to help w/ last minute stuff.  That really does indeed help.  Changing tickets has not been cost effective of course.  That has really added to things.  I have another post about all that stuff.  I just wanted to say thanks for that added help.  Right now our church family is also rallying behind us in different ways which is a huge blessing.   People have volunteered to drive us to and from the airport, donated some funds, offered to cook some meals upon our return, praying for us, etc.  Just taking the time to show their support and it means a lot.  We will pay it forward.  I have no doubt about that.  For how can we be showered w/ such outpouring of love & support and not want to pay it forward for others to experience the same thing.  It's just a wonderful feeling. 

Much more going on and I will post more later.  Posts tend to be shorter nowadays (admit it, you're very thankful for that.  LOL).  Tomorrow is Monday & goal is to reschedule every single appointment that I made.  Yes, all 20 of them.  URGHH~!!!  And I KNOW I won't be able to get them right when I get back due to Thanksgiving week coming up.  Thanksgiving is less than a week when I get home.  So, trying to figure out what to have on hand before we leave b/c I know I won't want to shop once we freshly are home.  A kind neighbor offered us his turkey if he wins.  He goes to a turkey shoot every year.  Yes, I'm hoping he's a great shot this year.  LOL.  Was a nice gesture for sure though.  More to come.  Need to get going this morning and put things in order.  Have a wonderful Sunday. 

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