Sunday, October 16, 2011

Explorers to be

The homeschoolers and I are learning about New World explorers.  Now, as you are aware by now, my children are very visual learners.   Though I do read to them the short chapters we cover, you have to show them what you are talking about or they will not retain it.  So, the other day we were talking about what life must have been like on the boats back then and what you needed to know how to do. 

We decided to learn to make knots. Just like explorers would have done.  Nik was reading (well, looking) at the instructions and following them. 

Umm, yeh.  Alex does not seem to be putting much effort into this, does he?  They learned how to make a basic 8 knot and square knot.  They thought it was cool when the "little's" dad came to pick her up.  He showed them a whole bunch of knots.  He used to be in the coast guard.  So that was pretty cool to see.  No, we did not attempt those.  

All in all though, they're learning the basics and that's what I want them to learn.  They are learning the oceans and where we are in the world.  Geography fascinates Nik along w/ weather.  We're not doing a weather chapter until the spring though so he'll have to wait a bit longer.  I'll have an update and most likely ask for suggestions w/ Alyona and Nik.  Separate post though as I need to explain.  Just showing you a bit of what they're doing here and there. 

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