Monday, October 24, 2011

Double trouble

Couldn't resist a cute picture.  Okay, so I think it's cute. 

When we first got Digby, Kota and him could not be in the same room whatsoever.  It was awful.  In fact, we thought we'd have to give Digby back.  But, after a week, they came to realize they are both here to stay.  Now, they play with each other every single morning.  As you can see, they sit next to each other on the couch.  The bond is there.  It is really nice to see.  Both have given up their quest to be the alpha dog.  Though, Digby does still have reign over the space under the dining room table.  No regrets adding this muttley crew to our family.  It really has been wonderful having them around.  Well, maybe not the chewing part.  But the cuddling, playing, being there part...that's what I love.  And is it just me or does Kota seem like he's growing?  Wanted to share a picture of these two cuties together.  Our dose of double trouble.  Gee, 5 posts in one day.  You'd think I had time on my hands.  Not really.  Going to do a post on adjustment period when you get home with kids and what it is like. 

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