Sunday, October 30, 2011

Digby & a Dragon

As you all know, our dogs act as a great therapy tool for our kids.  They do.  I feel animals offer a sense of peace to traumatized kids that many in the professional world can't.  Again, just my opinions.  Maybe that is why equine therapy is successful and other animal related therapies.  Dogs can listen and not offer an opinion.  they are just there and that's what many of our kids need... something/ someone to be there that is not always mom & dad. 

Digby is always near by for a hug or a squeeze.   I think Digby understands the intensity of feelings that the kids have.  Digby was a rescue dog and did not have an easy life either.  He loves being outside but will only go out when we're out.  He's afraid of being left outside alone b/c that is how he spent his life before us...tied up alone 24 hours a day.  Trust me, Digby loves a soft cushiony couch now and his dog bed.  Glad we could give him a loving home but as you can see, he's given us much more.

I found this dragon kite brand new in the box at a yardsale.  It was $2 and worth every penny.  It is an easy kite to put together and they have had SO MUCH FUN!  Combo of a kite and a windsock.  

Even the older kids took turns running w/ it.  Love Nik chasing Max behind him.

Nik having fun w/ the kite too.  We had great wind that day.   This was taken when he was first getting it up in the air.  Kite even came w/ the kite reel.  My kids really do enjoy being outdoors and glad I can find some fun things for them to do every once in awhile.  

Days are getting cooler though that never stops my kids from playing outside.  Their new sibs are outdoor kiddos too.  Especially, the older two.  They will fit right in w/ this bunch for sure.  Can't wait.

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