Friday, October 14, 2011

Come dunk my boys!!!!

You read that right.  If you are local, please come on by.  See, our church is putting on a fall festival tomorrow.  Supposed to be gorgeous weather.  In addition, great alternative for those who can't quite afford the fair.  So much to do, so much to eat & so much fun to be had by all.  There will also be beautiful mums to purchase:

One of the beautiful mums I bought from the church.  They have such a variety of, yellow, white, purple, orange, etc.  Check them out for sure.  In addition, a whole field FULL of pumpkins!  All shapes and sizes.  

The best part is the activities.  One is the dunking booth.  Max & Bojan have volunteered to be the "dunkees."  Love it!  I can not wait to pelt a ball at that target.  Come take your shot.  Trust me, I'll be getting even for that t-shirt (read a few posts back!).  Plus, I'm sure the jokesters that Bojan & Max are will be saying all kinds of things to help you want to dunk them.  Going to be so much fun for all.  Bounce houses too and too many activities for me to name.  Tickets are inexpensive and lots to do for sure.  Plenty of parking for all.  Ebenezer is located on Rock Quarry Rd.  The festival is from 10 to 6.  See you there I hope.

Wow, 5 posts in the past hour.  I'm on a roll. 

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