Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Church picnic pics

A few weeks back our church had a picnic at the ball field across the street.  Just a casual picnic w/ lots of great food & fellowship.  I let my kids take the camera.  Only showing pics of my family as I didn't get permission from anyone.  Though I know they'd most likely say yes, I feel it would just be polite to ask if I could post their pics.  Have to ask next time.  Though, when I do post pics of others on here, even w/ permission, I rarely will tag a name to it.  Thought I'd share a few pics that my kids took of each other. 

Max giving his brother Nik a piggy back ride.  

Alyona styling some new shades.  Movie start in the making.  Not sure what Bojan is doing in the background.

Alyona & Irina.  Alyona sticking out her tongue & Irina giving a good smile.  Typical sisters for sure.  Alyona really looks  up to Irina.

Nik ate some chicken.  What he didn't realize was it was Bojangle's hot & spicy chicken.  the look is priceless.  Way too hot for him but didn't even spit it out.  

Alex, sneaking over a fence.  There isn't anywhere we can go that Alex can't find a ball to kick or throw.  The child I feel would have a ball glued on his hand if he could.  He lives for soccer & football.  I know, he's not medically supposed to play football.  He only tosses it around in the yard though.  And watches it.  

Can poor Irina find anyone to smile with her?  Everyone wants to make silly faces.  

Just a few of the many desserts at the dessert table.

Picture of our church across the street.  Not huge but comfortable.  

 Alyona goofing off w/ some sticks she found.  She's a reindeer of course! 

Ahh, the rare teen picture.  Yana.  Can you tell she still wants to be a model?  I would love picture without a pose.   Just a candid shot.  I'll get it, I will. 

 Bojan teaching his brother how to toss a stick. 

Always neat to see what pictures my kids take.  One got a zoom of the steeple.  Wish the power lines weren't in the way.  Cool shot I thought.  Not sure who had the camera at this time.

Max helping with clean up.  always goofing around.  Love it.

We all had an awesome time catching up with friends.  Great weather too.  Our church has been such a great pillar of support.  Praying for us at some of those bumps in the road.  Very thankful for them.  And the fact that they put up with a family that can never seem to get anywhere on time.  No matter what time we leave, no matter if things are laid out in advance, something inevitably happens.  Can't say we don't try.  They don't care if one of our kids slips a shirt on that he really shouldn't be wearing to church.(umm, few posts back.)  They're there when we need them and always seem to have encouraging words to say.  So having a picnic with such wonderful people is just a relaxing and fun time.  

Thought it was time to get some pictures up after all these wordy posts.  Now, back to work here.  Taking the kids to story time today and then working at home.  Supposed to rain much of the day so not going to be playing outside much.  Kids have science & cooking clubs this evening.  I need to start that to do list.  I have since added 8 more items to it this morning. So yes, it's in the 60's now.  Don't worry, you take it one thing at a time & you can chip away at it.  More to come later today. 

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