Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Wish Lists

Every year about this time I ask the kids what they want for Christmas.  Obviously, with 10 kids, budgets are going to be rather tight.  Even more so this year given the 3 adoptions.   Fortunately, I have kids that are not hugely materialistic and I admire that in them.  To hear what some of their classmates of years past have on their Christmas lists just blows me away.  I'm serious when I say some of them have lists in the thousands of dollars.  The bigger shocker...they get it.  I've explained to my kids wants and needs.  I know kids will be kids though and they want stuff just as much as I do at times.  I mean really, I want a pair of sneakers.  Alaska ate the two pair I had.  So if you're wondering why I'm wearing the hiking shoes all the time now, there's your answer.  Anyhow, I know my kids are no different and they have dreams and Christmas wishes just as any other kid does.  So, here are what my kids have said thus far.

Irina-- All I want for Christmas is for my brother and sisters to be home.

Max-- A drafting table. 

Yana-- A stop watch to time herself for running.  And money. 

Bojan-- I want a dummy.  Yes, you read that right.  He wants to be a ventriloquist and has asked for a dummy.

Alyona-- I want a blanket heater b/c I'm always cold.  She is always cold.  I also want my sisters home.

Alex-- I want $15.  Why?  So I can save for college.  Trust me, I asked like 4 times b/c this really is uncharacteristic of Alex talking about the future.  Nice change though for sure!

Nik-- He wants a jack in the box so he can be scared.  Yes, that's what he said.  He also said he wants binoculars to look at the moon.  We have telescopes.

Just thought it was an interesting list.  Surprised to hear some of the Christmas wish list requests.  Not sure yet how we are handling Christmas this year just because of coming off the three big adoptions.  In addition, with three new members who are not used to this holiday celebrated this way, you have to factor many things in.  You can not over stimulate them when first home.  So, trying to find that balance.  Would love to do a trip like we did a few years ago but at this time, that's just not possible financially.  Though we all know Christmas is not about the gifts for sure.  Doesn't mean you don't want to see the look of amazement & joy on your kids' faces when they open up something they weren't expecting.  A few years ago we gave them a trip to Myrtle Beach.  We had a BLAST!  Went & found a hotel for $39 a night on the beach.  Got two rooms, booked for 2 days.  Got tickets to Medieval Castle for dinner.  That was by far the best time we had while there.  Also toured Ripley's and things of that nature.  Kids STILL talk about that Christmas gift.  Still.  They received no gifts that year from Santa.  Just a stocking of basics and a trip to last a life time.  They still talk about it and ask if we'll ever do another trip.  Trouble now is cost of everything in America has just sky rocketed.  Think Great Wolf Lodge.  I called and for us to go for ONE night, it was over $1200.  Not happening. LOL.  I'm trying to scope out deals now for travel as maybe it is an option this go around.  Don't know.  Really don't.  Concentrating on getting kids home first and then we'll have to figure out Christmas.  For now though, like hearing what they want for Christmas.  What is on your child's list?

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