Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy Weekend Ahead

Wow, there is so much happening here lately.  I'll start with today a bit.  I felt much better than yesterday for sure.  Today, Warren had taken a day off work.  We went to the chiropractor first.  Then, off to the bank.  Then, a local consignment store I love (Little Joey's for those wondering).  'Little Bit' needs some clothes for the trip home you know.  Such cute clothes.  It was hard to resist.  We shop for her this go around and will shop for 'R' next go around.  However, 'R' and Alyona wear the same size so we have a few things at home already.  Though, I do believe that each child needs their own special outfit for coming home.  Something new.  I will have to shop for the new outfits another day.  I've done that for all the kids.  When you grow up in orphanages, it is a rarity you'd receive something new.  I want to be able to buy them something that is new.  Just their very own.  I know this might not sound like a big deal but I feel it is.  I want them to know it was purchased just for them out of love.  Now, being that they're kids, whether they like it or not will be a different story.  LOL.  My boys never cared what I bought for them.  The girls, well they all have their own tastes...all very, very different. 

After that we came home quickly and let the dogs out.  Ate lunch in the car and then got to Hill Ridge Farms for a pumpkin patch field trip for the homeschoolers.  And one "little."  Was the BEST day for it.  Not too crowded and could not ask for any bluer a sky.  Wonderful weather.  Kids were awesome.  Headed home & told I need to make a video by Sunday evening.(more to come on this at another time)  Got home, dropped off a "little" and went to pick up Yana from cross country.  Brought them home and then the girls decided to go to the homecoming football game.  That's where they are now.  Max is over at a friend's house for the evening.  Bojan will be at a friend's tomorrow evening.  While we cooked kids played w/ friends across the street & here.  People across the street have a zip line.  Cool stuff.  Irina and Yana helped install that zip line years ago.  Had pork chops on the grill, sweet potatoes and beans for dinner.  Yum.  Now, kids are watching a movie. 

Tomorrow, brings very early morning soccer games for Alyona and Alex.  Nik played already this week.  After soccer, we may go to a Deaf Chat meet up group since we'll be near there.  We'll see.  Rest of the afternoon, we'll be cleaning the house up and making a video.  The kids' youth group job of unloading pumpkins has been canceled b/c truck can't get to the pumpkins due to rain in fields.  So, that's another day.  Sunday morning we're working the new coffee/ hot cocoa shop in the church basement.  Max & I are working it.  Then church & home.  I have massive homeschooling to get organized for the next few weeks.  I want to change things a bit to better utilize our time.  I have thank yous that must be written.  I feel horrible I haven't gotten some of these out lately.  Need to go through kids' clothes.  There is much more than that going on but really, you get the idea.  Hey, all kids are healthy & we're doing great so I can't complain.  Just a day of sleep would be great.  Or this:

That was my fortune a few weeks back.  I want the day off.  LOL.  As a mom though, we know there are no real "days off."  And, that is fine with me.  Now, off to write some thank yous.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I'll have more posts to come.  Of our field trip today for sure! 

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