Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bouncing fun

Okay, the other day I took the homeschoolers and one of the "littles" to the local bounce house.  Told the kids I'm not sure how many will be there that day.  Well, we got there and had the entire place to ourselves!  A rarity.  They could run all they wanted to, didn't have to watch out for any babies.  It was like a dream for them.  Me too. 

 Alex is at the top of that slide.  This is the much smaller of the two slides.  They hardly went on this one at all. 

Now, this is the slide they love.  I know you can't tell how slick this is, but trust me, super duper fast.   I went down it.  Lady in charge said she had just slicked the slides this morning b/c she thought they'd have a packed house.  Yes, great job slicking them to say the least.  Kids had a blast.

Alyona, landing at the bottom of that giant slide.  

Of course they all had to stop and practically drool all over the "goodies" that are for sale when this place has birthday parties.  

I'm not exactly sure what these two were doing.  LOL.  

Alyona with a big smile on her face.  She loves this place.  We can't go all the time but they enjoy going when we do go.  They offer a special w/ a punch card thing.  So, $2 to go for an hour and a half.  And they use every minute of it.

Nik going down one last time.  I didn't have hardly any pictures of Alex b/c he was just too dog gone fast.  

All of them very interested in how it is deflated & all the air that comes out of it.  

Nik in awe with all the bounce houses deflating.  They have 3 giant ones in this room.  When it is crowded, they open up the adjoining room.  We've been in there when it's that packed.  Trust me, we really enjoyed our time w/ just us there that day.  Every once in awhile, nice to take them for some mindless fun. 

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