Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are you kidding me?!

Okay folks, for those keeping track, this is our third set of travel dates.  Though they haven't change but by a day here and there, you still have to reschedule everything that you previously set in place.  Makes it crazy for sure.  Doable, but crazy.  Hey, you have to go with the flow when doing an adoption.  We have some of our big items on the list taken care of.  Yet,  no rides to & from the airport yet.  I'll have them one day, date changes, & then not have them the next.  LOL.  We'll get there.  Kids are counting it down.  Getting clothes together for their new sibs.  Since we have 4 sets of virtual twins, I think we got the clothing covered.  Well, "little Bit" will need all new clothes but 3T's are easy to come by.

Today has been filled w/ lots of calling.  Yet, surprisingly, we got school done today & lots of it.  I'm getting ideas of what to cover while I'm gone.  Nothing hard, simple fun stuff I think.  So much to process as we're in November and December months.  Appointments like crazy for those two months for new kids & old kids.  I know it will all get done.  Always does.  Having Alaska eat my planner did NOT help one bit.  Much more going on. Right now, meeting w/ contractors in about 5 minutes.  Let you all know how that goes.  Explain it a bit more as well.  All the pieces have to fall into place for this to even be a possibility.  Find out a whole lot more today.  Kids are all playing at a neighbors so it is completely kid free and silent.  A rarity for sure.  Bojan is spending the night at a friend's this evening so one less.  Warren is making burgers on the grill tonight.  Going to watch Zookeeper I believe.  Redbox.  Other than that, trying to take it easy.  Tomorrow is really busy w/ soccer and getting more things ready for our trip.

I'll have more later.  Just keeping up w/ the changes.  It's alright but don't want it to wear me down either.  Making sure I get outside and away from the computer and telephone.  The only ones not calling me back are Raleigh Neuro...URGHHH!!!  Keep in mine folks, I've been trying to get Alex's endocrine appointment for well over a month now.  We've had the referral.  Just trying to get neuro to send the clinical notes to endocrine.  I'm on a quest to get it done.

Today, got in touch w/ vocational rehab for Irina.  Bunch of bureaucratic paperwork in the beginning so not much we can do at the moment.  They're waiting on the schools.  Biting my tongue here as seems like people are always waiting on the schools.  Voc Rehab will test her as well & help Irina find a job in the community.  We're going to try to help her find one before then but always helps to have a backup plan.

Max's teacher called.  Well, he's the special ed guy there and really understands the kids.  Gave me a report on the three teens, grades, how they're doing, etc.  He knows we like to stay informed and glad he respects those wishes.  We couldn't do the IEP this coming week (sorry, a bit busy) and he couldn't do it b/c his wife is having a baby mid-November.  So, we decided he's going to write the goals & reconvene in January & make changes then if we need to.  Right now, it's going well w/ Max so leaving as is.  Just nice to finally have a school that cooperates & understands.  Thank you Cleveland High School.

Well, burgers were great.  Now, all of us watching Extreme Homemakeover.  Then, we're all watching Zoo Keeper.  Been nice w/ just us veggie out a bit.  Kids are as high on cloud 9 as I am. 

This was written yesterday and never posted.  Today we actually got the dogs all bathed & next we're going to work on washing the van & vacuuming it out.  Soccer games were fun today.  Enjoyed watching them all play.  We had one player get hurt pretty badly on Alyona's team.  Hoping she'll be okay.  May have dislocated her knee.  Ouch.  The whole team prayed for her after the game.  Nice group of kids.  Not much else going on.  Just trying to chop away at my list of things to do.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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