Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alex's favorites

Alex has quite the personality.  He's our athletic one for sure.  There isn't a time when you don't see Alex either throwing or kicking a ball.  Actually, it is one of his compulsions.  However, we've used that compulsion for the good and so playing ball it is.  He lives for his soccer days now.  He can't wait for his brother to be home and teach him some "skills" as Alex calls it.  We were told while on our first trip that his brother competed in soccer tournaments in Sophia.  His orphanage is over 6 hours away from the capital city so we can only assume he is a very, very good little soccer player.  We actually can't wait to see this ourselves as we know how much Alex loves the game, I can only imagine how much his new brother will love the game.  The two of them will be a pair for sure.  I see a lot of similarities in their personalities.  It will be interesting to watch the bonding.  Alex's new brother even has the same taste in clothing as Alex!  URGHH!!!  Drives me crazy w/ one of them.  Yet, can't wait either.

I sit here wondering what his new favorite things will be.  Anything like Alex?  Only time will tell.  We know Alex is crazy for anything that involves kicking or throwing a ball. 

We also know Alex has other favorites.  Alex in his snuggie.  Remember last year when all my kids wanted Snuggies for Christmas?  Well, they still use them.  Love the mess on the stairs right?  Trying to get out clothes for the three kiddos across the ocean.  House is a living billboard for a mess.   Yes, it is in that pre-travel mess mode and I don't care. 

At only .18 a package, I love that Alex LOVES these things.  This is his favorite flavor...creamy chicken.  I buy a case at at time for my kids.  Their cheap, not that great for you but they love them.  Noodles. 

Alex was rather happy he bought these.  Well, we bought them.  He actually asked me to take a picture of him w/ the Ramen Noodles.  I said Alex, that's ridiculous.  He just smiled.  Geez, if only as adults something as simple as noodles made us happy like that kid feeling.  Oh wait, it's chocolate for me.  LOL.  

Alex has a few favorites.  Those three things though, the ball, ramen noodles, and the snuggie are by far his top three.  I look at him & hope he doesn't grow out of any of these any time soon.  I know at some point, one of those favorites will be replaced by girls so I best enjoy this now, right?

Busy day today a bit.  Running around.  School has gone nowhere fast.  Did a bunch yesterday & was proud of us.  Today, we are slacking.  They have science & cooking clubs tonight.  They love those.  And, they are learning so much from the experience.   More going on but focus has to be on travel & preparing.  Will try to write more later.  Have started a few posts but haven't finished them all yet.  My list is getting done which is great.  Got to go.  Much more to come.  Adjustment post, apple pie post, getting ready post, etc.  Off to teach some history.  On colonial times now.  Speech therapist will be here soon too.  So far, we have 20 appointments scheduled for that first week home.  I think.  Yet, still can't get an endocrine appointment for Alex..URGHH!!!  Stay tuned as the countdown has definitely begun.  It's the final countdown.  We are at 6 days! 

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