Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Airline tickets

Ahh, the all  coveted airline tickets.  It is the FIRST thing we do after finding out dates for adoption travel.  For those new to adoption, it is in my opinion what you should do as soon as you hang up w/ your spouse about pending dates.  And, that is what I did yesterday.  We received tentative travel dates that barring some unforeseen circumstances (just what this journey has been filled with!), should be our firm travel dates.  However, we won't know w/ complete certainty till Monday.  And that is fine.  You can still put tickets on hold. 

First, you must have travel agents you can trust.  Do NOT, do NOT do this without travel agents.  Too many issues w/ online things.  In addition, these adoption travel agents are highly skilled and trained in the unexpected aspects of adoption.  Such as changing tickets when you were actually on the plane to go home but had to be escorted off due to panic attack & out of whack electrolytes.  Or changing tickets 5 times b/c judge in Russia couldn't get the schedule straight.  Or changing tickets just hours before leaving for Bulgaria b/c your trip managed to be shortened.  Things like that.  And yes, those all happened to us.  TRUST your agent to get you through the unexpected.  For us, there is no better than Golden Rule Travel.  They've done a few of our adoptions and could not be better.  They did not do our Serbian adoption.  I used Axioma travel for that trip & loved them as well.  I had known a native Serbian who told us they are by far the cheapest in the business.  I had to agree.  They specialize in Baltic travel.  Anyhow, other than that, Golden Rule is the way to go for any EE travel.  That is my opinion and I guarantee you many other adoptive parents will sing their praises as well.

Well, Golden Rule came through yet again yesterday.  Now, keep in mind I can not purchase these yet.  We did this so we could see where we stood in the price of everything.  Travel agent is aware we have tentative dates & are not booking yet.  They are prompt and get back to you you very quickly & when they say they will.  Now, based on the prices I've seen online, the trip we took there in June, we were truly expecting to have to shell out around $10,000 for airline tickets for the 5 of us to come home.  I was almost afraid to open the email.  Made sure to have a cup of water nearby so I wouldn't pass out.  LOL.  I went over it like 20 times seeing if I missed something, seeing if it included taxes, etc.  Pending this does not change, for the 5 of us, it will be roughly $3285!  To say we are ecstatic is not dramatic enough.  This helps immensely as we were short funds(still are).  We feel this is an extremely reasonable amount.  Praying we get to book at this rate.  So, those traveling, I can not say enough good things about this company.  I've known them to get fellow adoptive travelers out of some crazy binds when it comes to flights.  Really, I have yet to meet anyone w/ a negative experience with them.  I know I rarely talk about various companies or agencies we use but feel that Golden Rule is so great at what they do for adoptive parents that they need that recognition.  Our agencies also deserve recognition but those stories and names will come after we arrive home.  Too much to tell for a single blog post.  Plus, I want to give proper recognition where it is due. 

As you know from our previous trips, for us it becomes real when we have those airline tickets in hand.  You know you're going.  This time, you see your kids' names & really know it's real.  You are becoming a family forever.  So, I am anxious to book these tickets.  I have patience...somewhat.  LOL.  I'm learning still.  Ready though.  Having a great travel agent during this process is critical. It is a big expense and a huge part of your journey.  So, if you are new to adoption, check out Golden Rule.  These are just my opinions.  Another adoptive parent who's done this for 12 years now.  Just like to share b/c you know I'm all about bargains and great deals.  Hope it helps someone out there looking.  Good luck. 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll look them up.

  2. I have to post on Golden Rule...they are WONDERFUL. They helped us when we faced a difficult situation in Kazakhstan. Truly a light for us. LOVE them! Stacye