Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's wrong w/ this picture?

Time for another episode of what's wrong with this picture. 

Umm, I'm not even exactly sure where to begin here.  The baby doll has been mutilated for sure.  Yet, Alyona still didn't mind playing with her.  Go figure.  The dogs got a hold of this one.  This was one of Alyona's birthday dolls this past summer.  They did the same to the other doll as well.  Now, we keep finding doll baby body parts all over the house.  Somewhat creepy from time to time.  

Lots and lots has been happening this week.  I will fill you all in on an update post at some point.  Let's just say we've had one heck of an FAS week.  It was a full moon.  And yes, that does indeed affect their behavior.  Not sure why but it does.  Give you an example so you understand.  Just from yesterday... Kota's front paws were blue, my son walked the dog around the neighborhood in his pajama bottoms, no one would listen, Alaska's head was completely covered in jelly, Nik took a shower w/ his implants on, Nik's coil broke, 1 kid forgot to take meds, OCD daughter went crazy with cleaning, dogs chewed up crayons and are pooping rainbows at this point, and way too many other things to name.  Yes, that was part (just part) of my day yesterday.  I know we all have days like this and that's okay.  Just realized though that I forgot to get that stupid DEC 17 filled out for the school IEP meeting.  Lovely.  Meeting is Thursday.  Doc is not going to fill it out in a day I have a feeling.  Think she'll let me fill it out & her sign?  Just kidding.  No one write me please.  I know we can't do that.  Alex had soccer tonight & turned out to have a scrimmage game afterwards.  Umm, forgot about that.  Warren took him this evening and called to say did you know they had a game?  Well, if I sent him in practice clothes do you think I knew there was a game?  Yeh, I was not in the best of moods.  Poor Warren.  I still feel under the weather.  Maybe that's it.  I think this is just one of those weeks that I will be happy when it is over.  But, being that it is only Tuesday, this may just be the longest week ever.  Yes, I'm whining today.  Sorry, this post turned into a whine post.  I know it could always be worse so I try not to complain too much.  However, we just spent a lot of time with Max.  He is acting the same way he did when he was having trouble in school last year.  I feel something is going on at school again and he's not telling us.  I'll ask his teachers tomorrow.  He does this when he doesn't understand academics.  Teachers are trying to curtail the issue with Irina and her situation.  People are at it again.-- the name calling.  Though, she is handling it better and does indeed have friends at the school and is even making new friends. It is progress for sure.  Bojan just gave me the case that his toothbrush was in...from the trip this past weekend.  URGHH!!!  On a lighter note, a neighbor brought me buns today.  Hamburger buns.  I think there's 30 of them.  It's fantastic.  Ironically, we cooked hamburgers tonight.  Alex now claims he has a hook in his throat pushing it forward.  What?!  Sometimes kids with processing issues have a hard time making sense.  Don't worry, he does not have a hook in his throat.  He has dry throat itchies from sucking in air during soccer practice tonight.  that translates into hook in throat for Alex.  I think chocolate is in my future.  Think I can go to the Hershey Spa?  LOL.  Thanks for letting me whine.  Promise next post will not be so whiney. 

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