Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend update

Yesterday was Friday & we ended up going to Walmart.  Yeh, thrilling, isn't it?  But, sometimes you just have to go to get supplies.  Took a bunch of kids w/ us.  I guess they were bored and wanted to go.  Got what was on our list.  Bunch of monthly supplies and some more school supply items.  Needed another bookcase too.  Noneventful.  Trouble was, it was super duper late. Got back late and had dinner at 11pm!  I think it was more like midnight snack as they had already eaten before we left for Wally World.  Oh well.  It's a Holiday weekend so everything is sort of flexible. 

Saturday, kids hung out w/ friends at the house.  Warren and I did our monthly Sam's run.  Got sucked into buying one of those aisle promos going on.  Now, we did this one time before for our 'chopper.'  It was an in-store infomercial.  Do you know what?  We use that chopper every single day!  No kidding.  It was worth the money & then some.  So, yesterday, we bought a slicer.  Well, according to the guy... "it slices, it dices, etc."  I know what you're thinking.  Hey, I thought it too standing there watching him slice in seconds.  LOL.  Yet, I think this one we'll use just as much as the chopper so not too worried.  Honestly, I think the kids will be fighting over who gets to use it first.  We'll see.  We'll have to do a review so if you ever see these folks in the store, you'll know.  Warren and I also went to TJMaxx.  They had their final clearance markdowns.  The yellow tags.  Hey, if I can get the kids books to read for .30, we do it.  They've already started two of them.  Also, we were trying to get gift ideas for when we return to Bulgaria.  Still needing ideas.  I wanted something really special for a few of the folks that helped us on this journey.  So ideas, send them my way.  I just don't know what gifts to bring on the second trip.  Came home and we all cooked out on the grill and then watched a movie together.  Easy weekend. 

Today is Sunday.  I know, I started this in parts.  Kids slept in.  I was jealous.  LOL.  We had a nice breakfast and then it was off for our drive to the apple orchard.  I'll have a separate post on that adventure.  Glad we went.  Taught the kids a few things and really enjoyed our time there.  Can't wait to share.  Came home and worked on the yard some.  Kids played with friends.  Tomorrow is to be a rainy day.  Going to veg out and watch a movie.  And of course make tons and tons of apple desserts.  Tons. 

Much more to come in upcoming posts.  Just have been really busy and this weekend we just wanted to relax some.  I think we've done that.  Can't wait to share more.  Pictures to come tomorrow. 9:30 and all kids are in bed.  Warren and I are going to watch a movie.  The hectic schedules start back up on Tuesday.  So we plan to enjoy tomorrow.  I'm slowly working on getting back to people.  I have a gold party planned for some time in the future.  Locals, please get in touch w/ me.  Going to send invites and such tomorrow.  Just wanted to give you all a heads up.  Will be a lot of fun for sure.  Oh, if you need some magazines, please do use the sidebar link to our magazine site.  GREAT deals!  Feel free to share the link too as I know kids are starting back to school.  Got to go. Enjoy your holiday weekend.  We are. 

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