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I don't think I can stress this enough.  I wrote about these wonderful children just a few months ago.  I honestly can not believe NO ONE has contacted the agency about them.  No calls. (last I heard)  These kids deserve out of the orphanage and it is vital for them given their dx's.  I will give a little more info.  

The siblings are just 2 and 3 years old.  That's it!  So, so much life left in them but only if they are out of an orphanage setting.  The reason I say that is not because they are orphans or b/c of institutional life.  No.  The reason is much greater a need than that.  See, these two precious little ones have Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  You can find out more about CF here:   http://www.cff.org/  Now, there have been   great, great strides in this disease for sure.  These children live life to the fullest and grow up into adults living life to the fullest.  I have a friend who adopted her first little girl from EE.   She came from Bojan's orphanage.  (No, this is NOT where these two sibs are located).  Anyhow, this child is simply amazing.  Despite what some think, CF children do not spend their lives in hospitals.  This wonderful little girl, goes to school, plays with her siblings, goes to church, and does everything else a child her age should be doing.  Yes, there are some meds to take and treatments to do.  But, that is a minimal part of who she is.  I see pictures of her w/ smiles and playing with her brothers.  It's heart warming.  The lives the children w/ CF live are full of life and spirit.  Remember the singers on America's Got Talent last year?  So much love.  Yes, they had cystic fibrosis but that was not what their life centered around.  They had God given talent and used it.  

I guess the point I'm trying to make is the sibling set with cystic fibrosis deserve to have that same chance to live life to the fullest.  To smell the fresh air here and go to school.  We all know despite even being at what is considered a "good" orphanage, it is still an orphanage.  It is still not the same loving care a family can provide for the rest of their lives.  Give them opportunities they would otherwise not have.  Not to mention, orphanages are not the safest place for children with this disease.  Their bodies are not quite equipped to deal with the many infections that go around an orphanage.  Irina had asthma as a kid.  Still does.  However, when we got her, she had really bad asthma.  Her orphanage was old, surrounded by kids and not having the best hygiene in the orphanage does not help.  She came home and though she still has asthma, she was not in the shape she was in when we brought her home.  Struggling to breath or talk clearly without wheezing.  The siblings with cystic fibrosis may have that same type of issue.  

The sibling set is a 2yo little girl and a 3yo little boy.  They are healthy right now.  That is wonderful to hear b/c it means they have been taken care of in their orphanage.   This country is a two trip process but only one person has to travel on those trips.  It is one of the Hague countries.  Big families are accepted as are singles.  It is a beautiful country and the people are just as beautiful and friendly.  The fees for these two siblings have been reduced to help them find a home a little faster.  This sibling set does have CF(cystic fibrosis).  Anyone considering these children should do the research of what is involved with raising children with this disorder.  In addition, my friend has offered to speak with anyone interested in what it is like to parent children with CF.  I'm sure the right parents are out there for these precious little ones.  These two have stolen my heart and I know their forever family is out there.  Thanks for allowing me to share about these sweet toddlers.   For more information, please contact  Katie.  

More to come later today.   Warren took Irina to neurology today.  Just check up.  I have two "littles" today and homeschool of course.  Alyona, Nik and Alex woke up and went for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  I read books to everyone and older kids read their own books.  They did a journal entry...reluctantly.  They hate writing.  We're working on that one.  Now, a short break for all of us.  Then, we all walk the dogs and eat lunch.  head to an IEP meeting for Yana.  Back, do some history and paint our Native American shields (Apache) that we started to make yesterday.  Speech therapy after that, another play break, then onto science for all.  Math will have to wait till later this evening.  FAS support group meeting this evening for anyone in the area interested.  Takes place in Cary.  Let me know & I'll give you info.  Fantastic group.  Busy day but we can pack in some fun too.  Not worried.  This is one of our busier weeks.  Those sneak up on you for sure.  Break is coming to an end so I'll have to go soon.  Enjoy your day and please help spread the words on these two tots available.  I truly believe they'd make an awesome addition to a family. 

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  1. This post brings tears to my eyes. I am a volunteer and advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I have very close friends who have CF. My heart breaks for these siblings. I pray that God will find them a forever family to love them and care for their needs.