Friday, September 23, 2011

Update on apple pies

Have just a few things to add.  Thanks to all who've inquired.  One thing I forgot to mention was how much the jars were.  They are $13.99 a jar.  It can be paid now or when it arrives.  Either way.  It will need to be paid to me.  If writing a check, write it out to me.

These really are great gift ideas for the upcoming Holiday season.  Thanksgiving & Christmas are right around the corner.  With all the business of the season, it would be great to have a pie filling on hand that is beyond delicious (seriously is, ask those who've tried it!) & so easy to make.  I poured the filling in my ready made pie crust, all of a 5 second step and then popped it in the oven.  Like I said, the longest part of this is finding the pie pan.  LOL.  In the oven 55 minutes & then ready to take to your party or classroom or friends' house or church.  It's wonderful!  You won't be the one bringing the grocery store cake this year b/c you didn't have time to bake anything.  Umm, trust me, I fall into this category too.  Pies are good any time.  Great gift idea as well.  Who doesn't like pie?!  So please locals, place your orders.  I guarantee you will not regret it.  It makes a great teacher gift too.  Or, when you don't know what to give your hostess at the Thanksgiving feast.  So many things you can think of to do with this pie filling.  Me personally, I'd make it & eat it.  Too good to give away.  So, you may just want to give one and keep one.

You can write me at and put apple pie in the subject line to place an order.  Please locals, feel free to pass this info around. We will be taking orders for the next couple of weeks.  I will give a reminder on here & on Facebook every week.  Can not say thank you enough for your support.  Those who know us, give us a call to place your order if you'd like.  We'd love to catch up.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  There will be several posts coming up.  First, I have to go gather some orphanage donations that some local folks donated for us.  The generosity is still overwhelming.  The orphanages really can use a variety of supplies and I do think they will thoroughly enjoy the frisbees, jumpropes, crayons, paper dolls, etc.  coming their way.  It really does transform lives.  I've seen it firsthand!  Something that we don't think twice about, they will cherish till it breaks.  We will accept donations until we are ready to fly out.  We'd love more outdoor toys.  I think we have plenty of crayons & markers now which is fantastic!  Jumpropes, frisbees, gliders, light kites, etc.  would be much appreciated as well.  Thanks so much for all the support and helping the children in the orphanages of EE.

Don't forget to order your apple pie filling in time for Thanksgiving!

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