Friday, September 30, 2011

Soccer in the rain

A few games ago, we ended up w/ a cold, wet rain for soccer.  It was actually some of the first cooler weather we had.  But, you know soccer.  You play whether it's raining or not.  Helps show the kids commitment and teaches the parents to appreciate a good lawn chair & spare blankets in the car.  Figured I'd share a few pics from that day.

Alex, waiting for his game to start.  He's ready to play ball and at least this day we didn't have to worry about him over heating. 

Nik keeping warm with a giant beach towel.  No, we couldn't find a boring color to blend in.  Had to be loud yellow.

Alex, taking his turn at goalie.  Not bad for his first try as goalie.  Dash though prefers playing the field.  He's nicknamed Dash for a reason you know.  LOL. 

Yep, that's me pretending I know how to play soccer with the kids.  There was  break in between games and we kicked the ball around a few minutes.  It is fun playing with them. 

 Ahh, Warren was in the right place at the right time to hold the sign.

Alyona, making her grand entrance.

Alyona, taking a water break.  Look at how healthy & strong those legs look!  For those of you who remember, Alyona was our skinny minnie when she came home from the orphanage.  You could form an O w/ your thumb & middle finger and go from her ankle all the way up to the top of her thigh.  Not any more!  Thriving.  Got to love those transformation stories folks.

 Nik, catching a break during Alex's game.  This was a break in the rain as well.

Now, the smart one is not Alex here in the car blanket.  No, the smart people are the ones behind him w/ the giant umbrella.  That is the way to watch a game in the rain. 

Yana does not care about fashion here for sure.  Her goal is to keep warm.  Stylish any time.  

It was nice that all the kids came out to this game to support the younger kids.  Tomorrow, that is not the case.  The older ones said they wanted to stay home.  I said that's fine.  They need a break too some times.  Got to get to bed as it is an early day tomorrow.  I'm already tired and it's not even tomorrow yet.  Still, looking forward to a day of soccer games and a day of beautiful weather.  Have a wonderful weekend and more catch up posts coming soon.

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