Friday, September 16, 2011

Random pictures

Sometimes I have pictures on a camera and no particular post to put them in.  So, they go here.  Random pictures.   No order whatsoever.

 Nik, really wanting to learn how to mow the lawn.  A few more years kiddo.

The older 4 getting ready to go on their church youth group trip to the beach.  I was quite jealous of the beach trip myself.  I wanted to go.  They had the best time and even got to watch the sunrise over the water.  Great times. 

 Max and Bojan hanging out during a soccer practice for their sibs. 

A front view of Chaos Manor.  Big changes may be coming to Chaos Manor soon.  More on that though in a separate post.  Bench is still there that Max made.  And no, we still have not sanded it yet.  I swear this family would be slow even if we were set on fire.  We'll have a list of things to do but the list never seems to end or never gets done.  Like the sanding of the bench.  Anyone else besides me have this problem of unfinished projects?

Alyona helping us get ready for the hurricane.  Hurricane Irene was not at all strong for our area but caused tons of damage to the people up north.  

Some azaleas needing to be planted.   NEVER pay full price people.  We have many shrubs in our yard.  We wait till they are at least 50 to 75% off at the end of the season.  These were extremely healthy plants.  Same place we get our produce from, we get our plants from.  

Few weeks ago it was cleaning day outside.  Irina is taking care of the birdbath for us.  We each have about 2 or 3 items on the list and can usually knock all out in an hour to two hours.  

 Yana helping with outside clean up day.  My kids & their temp regulating issues some times.  How you can be cold when it's 95 out, I'll never understand.  She has lined winter boots on. 

After a day of work, Warren cooked up some grilled veggies & shrimp over rice.  Hit the spot after a long day of work.  No, that's not the normal color of the oil.  Warren made special seasonings to go on this and just used the old bottle.  He comes up with some great combos.  

Those were just some random pictures here and there.  I'll have an Upwards post again but probably tomorrow.  Today, only had one "little."  So Nik loved it.  They both searched for bugs most the day.  Nik did do 18 pages of math this morning so I kind of gave him leeway to play the rest of the day.  Was a light day.  Gray outside and just felt like vegging out.  We only managed to do math and reading today.  And, that's okay. Tomorrow, we have soccer in the morning.  Supposed to rain.  Yuck.  After that, returning shoes to Shoe Carnival that Yana has.  The rest of the day, we are baking.  See, I'm starting a fundraiser this weekend and can not wait to share more about it.  VERY excited and think it will be wonderful to try.  We are the first ones to do it so this should be interesting.  Hope we do well.  Making posters, getting brochures together, etc.  Have a church picnic and will introduce it all there.  Can't wait b/c I do think people will enjoy it.  Shoot, anything you get to eat you enjoy.  And who doesn't love apple pie this time of year?  More to come on this later this weekend.  Most likely, on Sunday.  Next week is super duper busy and I can't even share all that is going on and I'll tell you why on Thursday.  BTW, Thursday(next week) is Yana's 16th birthday.  Yikes!  Where'd the time go?  Enjoy your weekend everyone. 

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