Saturday, September 3, 2011

Proud to be an American

Okay, so we started homeschool.  Most my kids know the pledge of Allegiance but not where it came from or anything like that.  Their history of the flag is extremely lax as well.  I figured at the very least the 4th & 5th graders should know a little about the history since they start their day off everyday in public school standing up for the flag & Pledge of Allegiance.  No.  They did not know.  So, I thought it was time for a quick lesson.  We have books on flags and such & one that was perfect for a quick lesson. 

After discussing it, we decided to go out and paint one ourselves.  This is Alex working hard on his stars.  No, I don't think the 50 will fit on there but he gets the idea for sure. 

Nik decided to give up on the red paint for his stripes and switch to markers.  Need to replenish my paint supply.  See, I collect sale paints throughout the year or at yardsales.  Dump them all in a bin & when it's time to paint, we have quite the color choices.  No, one of the "littles" is not painting stars on his legs, I promise.  

Nik is proud of his flag. He was mad at first b/c one of the "littles" got blue paint all over the front.  I told him it was still beautiful. 

 Alyona.  She made white stars but made them on the white canvas background and just put a blue square there.  Got to love their interpretations. 

Don't know why Alex looks so angry in this picture.  Think I caught him w/ the sun in is eyes.  Can you tell he got lazy toward the bottom of this project?  He worked really hard on the stars though. 

Even one of the "littles" moms commented today that her daughter was talking all about the flag & pointing them out everywhere they drove.  So, little things are sinking in.  Can only imagine when we talk about the sun next week &make our solar oven.  Should be a riot.  I want learning to be fun for them this year.  I want my kids to know history.  All history.  I want their education to be balanced.  We live in America and are fortunate enough to teach our kids the way we want to.  I'm proud they are American for sure and want them to appreciate all the history that went into that.  Don't worry, I also want them to know their native culture.  I'll share our ups, downs, triumphs, and failures along the way.  Still have many decisions to make regarding their education but think we're off to an okay start and can't wait to see what they know at the end of the year.  We're ready.  Going to be a long Labor Day Weekend.  We have lots of cleaning to be done.  Still trying to think of something different and fun to do with the kids.  Beaches here would be packed so that's out.  Planetarium is temporarily closed.  Too hot to hike.  Still thinking.  Have a safe and fun Holiday Weekend.  

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  1. I love reading about homeschooling and your general life. Could you do me a favour and please send me the email address I contacted you on a few weeks/months ago? i know it began with lissa and that's about it.