Thursday, September 29, 2011


Help spread the word of a little boy who is truly running out of time!  We have 3 weeks!  Yes, you read that right, just 3 weeks to find this little guy a home.  He is located in EE so it is an international adoption.  It is a two trip process though some that go to this country decide to return home to wait it out, thus making it 3 trips.  He has a $5,000 grant toward his adoption.  His fees are special needs fees.  It is vital we spread the word to find his family.  Why?  Because he faces transfer in 3 short weeks.  To a facility where he can NOT be adopted from....ever.  He is doomed to a life w/ no family love.  None.  It's not fair.  This child deserves a home.  This is an amazing child.  His personality just shines on through.  Mentally, he is healthy.  Physically, he has arthrogryposis.  It affects his legs only.  They are in a criss cross position.  Here, he could easily get the help he needs.  That is all that is holding this child back.  Though, doing all he does, there is NO holding this kiddo back!  Nope, not one single bit.  He has a few other issues but most are related to the arthrogryposis or are minor.  This 6yo little boy has so much potential.  If he is transferred, it is all lost.  Gone forever.  Please, please help me spread the word about Jack.  I would love to have this little guy find his family before his fate is sealed.  The thought of this kid that has so much life, so much spirit, so much potential, just disappearing is almost to much to think of.  Many of you know what being transferred to an institution means to a child this age.  He only has 3 weeks for his family to step forward.  Otherwise, he is definitely being transferred to a facility that does not allow international adoptions.  Please help me find this wonderful little guy a home.  For more information, they can contact Katie.  She will give you more detailed information.  For all those out there, help spread the word about 'Jack.'  Just 6 years old.  So much ahead of him if he had a family to guide him and love him.  Help him get that chance.  Thank you very much.

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